Sex Tips for Beginners that Will Make Your Time Amazing!

Sex Tips for Beginners that Will Make Your Time Amazing!

There is always a first time for everything in life, they say, and having sex for the first time can be a daunting experience with a series of thoughts crossing every girl’s mind. The excitement can be overpowering but the anxiety follows you too. No matter what we feel, we still want our first time to be memorable. Even though best sex comes with time and practice, here are a few sex tips you can definitely consider to make your first time a great experience!

Sex Tip 1: Be sure of it

A lot of girls have second thoughts about having sex for the first time because they want to be really comfortable with the person they’re with. Take your time and make sure you actually want to do this with him. People sometimes feel guilty for making their partners wait and hence, agree to have sex. Don’t do that. Know that it’s okay to do what you’re doing.

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Sex Tip 2: Use protection, please!

It’s your first time and it’s a very crucial sex tip for beginners to use protection during sex. It not only protects you from unplanned pregnancy but also saves you from STDs. Now that you’re sexually active, you might as well know this. Please don’t ever have sex without a condom. Pretty please?!

Sex Tip 3: Take it slow...

Take time to explore each other’s bodies and know that it’s your first time and you want to make the most of every moment. Go slow on the foreplay and take time to get there. This will heat things up and you will also get time to set the mood right.

Sex Tip 4: Don’t set your expectations too high!

See it’s your first time and you need to know that it’s not going to be a cake walk. You will learn a lot of things and there are going to be a lot of clumsy moments. So the next sex tip is not to raise the bar so high in your head that you’ll be disappointed. You’ll eventually get there but not during your first time!

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Sex Tip 5: Include a lot of foreplay!!

So the more aroused you are, the better sex you’re most likely to have. Foreplay increases the chances of an orgasm. You might or might not orgasm with vaginal penetration at first but at least your chances will increase. Sex will also be less painful at first if you indulge in a lot of foreplay.

Sex Tip 6: But it’s going to hurt!

As the most basic sex tip for for beginners, we’re not going to sugar coat it for you. It is going to hurt a little at first. It is always important for the guy to be gentle in order to avoid the pain. Pain can also be lessened with a longer duration of foreplay and the right amount of lubrication.

Sex Tip 7: It’s not necessary for every girl to bleed.

Bleeding for the first time after losing your virginity is a sign of the hymen breaking. Hymen is a thick layer of skin which closes the opening of a vagina. It is a myth that hymen breaks only during a sexual intercourse. It can also break during cycling or lifting weights and not just during sex. So always keep in mind this sex tip - if you don’t bleed, don’t stress over it.

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Sex Tip 8: Use the lube, if required!

Lubrication is very important to reduce the pain during sex and to also make it more pleasurable. Though it happens naturally for some women during sex, others might need some extra lube. If you lubricate the clitoris, it will also increase the chances of an orgasm during sex. Hence, another great sex tip for beginners - make sure you know your lubes (we recommend using water based lubes) otherwise you might just end up with a minor infection!

Sex Tip 9: Stick to the basics!

By basics we mean the missionary position. It’s best to actually let things happen naturally. Missionary position gives control to both the partner equally. Don’t forget the old school long hours of kissing because it is the only thing that sets things on fire, to begin with.

Sex Tip 10: Personal hygiene is important.

It is very important for every girl (and guy, of course) to be hygienic, especially down there. You are going to be sharing really close moments with someone special and you definitely want to make sure you leave a good impression on them. Make sure you smell good and clean your private parts well before and after having sex.

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Sex Tip 11: Don’t overcomplicate things!

Relax, it’s your first time and we understand you want to do everything possible to make it the best. It’s better to stay calm and composed in order to have a good first time. Don’t complicate it with positions, or room decor or other things that add fire. Sure they are fun but you do want to concentrate more on physical actions than other things. You can leave them for the next time! *wink*

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