16 Naughty Questions That Almost Always Lead To Sex!

16 Naughty Questions That Almost Always Lead To Sex!

Hello, ladies! We bring you 16 naughty questions that almost lead to sex. In the bedroom, the best way to get started is dirty talk. If you’re worried about what to ask or say, we’ve got this super kinky, naughty list just for you. So take your pick...

1. “I think you look smokin’ hot in that pink t-shirt of yours but hotter without it! Would you lose it for me, please?”

We all know where this is heading…

2. “My night suit is in the wash, I have nothing to wear. Can I wear your t-shirt instead?”

And yes, I’ll only be wearing that! *Wink*

2 questions that almost lead to sex - fifty shades of gray

3. “Tell me your wildest fantasy?”

….so that I can make it come true. Right here, right now.

4. “Would you mind if I sleep in your boxers tonight, baby? I just love how the cotton feels against my skin.”

Trust us, those boxers won’t be staying on for too long.

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5. “Let me try on the new lacy lingerie I bought today. I want to know if you like it?”

Whoever said ‘dress for the job you want’ - knew what they were talking about!

5 questions that almost lead to sex - sexy girl seducing

6. “How and where do you like being touched the most?”

It all starts with a simple question.

7. “Could you please unzip my dress all the way to the down, sweetie? I can’t seem to reach it.”

Time to get started!

8. “Do you think you could give me an orgasm by just touching and kissing me?”

Let’s try?

8 questions that almost lead to sex - girl seducing

9. “Honey, you look really tired. Can I give you a super relaxing massage?”

A hot massage goes a long way… literally.

10. “Baby I think I left my towel in the bedroom. Would you hand it to me, please?”

And then you quickly pull him into the bathroom.

11. “Want to join me for a quick shower?”

More like quick(ie) shower!

12. “Can you guess the colour of my panty?”

Guess it correctly and he shall be rewarded in kind!

12 questions that almost lead to sex - the big bang theory sheldon

13. “Let’s play a game? Every wrong answer and you lose a piece of clothing!”

Strip poker with a twist!

14. “Do you prefer me sleeping in my pyjamas, nightgowns or nothing at all?”

We know he prefers nothing, and for good reason!

15. “What’s your take on sex toys?”

And which one would you like to try?

16. “Do you like to talk dirty?”

Cue for action, sweetheart.

16 questions that almost lead to sex - girl seducing

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