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The First Time He Asked Me To Sneak Into His Room…

The First Time He Asked Me To Sneak Into His Room…

Whoever said love was about taking risks was right. The number of crazy things my boyfriend and I have done has given us enough stories to tell for a lifetime. Some were funny, some crazy and some absolutely mental.

This one isn’t crazy but it was pretty dangerous and we both could have gotten into serious trouble for it. Back in college, where we had started dating, we were out for party one night. My parents knew I’d be staying over at my friend’s house. My boyfriend kept asking me to stay over at his house instead of my best friend’s. I wasn’t convinced about the idea at all. His parents would be home and we could get into huge trouble if they found out that I had stayed over the night. But he was really persistent and I gave in. After all, it did sound very tempting to spend a whole night with him and they’d be gone by the time we woke up!

At 2 in the night, we sneaked into his house and I ran up to his room and he went to tell his parents that he was home. When he came back to the room, I was already lying on the bed, waiting for him. We started kissing and making out, giggling all the while. Both of us couldn’t believe what we’d done. We were a little tipsy too and this was a heady feeling. He started undressing me and kissing me all over. We were making out with an intensity that we’d both never felt before.

‘See, I told you this was a good idea’ he said.

‘We’ll see what happens in the morning and then I’ll pass my judgment.’

Internal sneak into his room - couple in bed

He laughed and continued trailing kisses down my body. Soon we were both naked and kissing. We couldn’t help but go really hard and fast at it. We were a struggling mess of arms and legs but boy, we didn’t care. The adrenaline rush was too much for us. He pulled out a condom from his pocket and I slipped it on and without further ado, we were going for it. Even when the two of us had climaxed, we just couldn’t stop giggling.

I fell asleep in his arms and sometime later was woken up by kissing on my neck and shoulders. ‘Let’s do this again but slowly this time,’ he whispered in my ear. ‘As you wish,’ I replied. Have to say, round two was much better than round one.

In the morning, his parents left for work without waking him up since they knew he’d come in late last night (also, the room was locked so they could not come inside). We woke up at around noon and indulged in a little more sexy time.

This happened almost two years ago. We’re still dating and once in a while, I still sneak into his house. He’s only sneaked into my house once. Every time we do it, we think of the first time and still laugh about just how scared but excited we were!

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