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5 Sex Rules That Men Want all Women to Know!

Chhavi Porwal

Senior Trending Writer

Girls, when you finally get to the stage of having sex, there are some things you do and there are some things you never do. But wouldn’t it be easy if you just had a sex rule book from someone who is experienced enough to guide you? It would help, right? So, here is a thread we found on Reddit where men shared some unsaid rules of sex to be followed. Take a look now!!

Sex Rule 1. The one who wants to tell you that go slow when on top…

Geezerthecat answers on Reddit: Ladies, please follow this rule of sex! When you're on top don't go so crazy that you start catching air. Nothing is a quicker boner-killer than being afraid you might snap it.

1 unsaid rules of sex girl saying yes

Sex Rule 2. The one who wants to tell you that rushing to finish is not *always* a good idea…for both!

Valkyrie21 answers on Reddit: If he or she has trouble finishing, don't just stop attempting to get them there. Follow this rule of sex and don't rush them.

Sex Rule 3. The one who wants to tell you that making appropriate noises would be enough…

IWantMyReshi answers on Reddit: If you can't think of anything sexy to say, don't say anything at all or just make noises appropriate to your enjoyment level.

3 unsaid rules of sex girl and boy

Sex Rule 4. The one who wants to tell you that you need to have fun and...be lively!

Mattythedog answers on Reddit: Have fun in there. Be vocal and lively.

Sex Rule 5. The one who wants to warn you that it can be messy and that’s…okay!

Unother_ answers on Reddit: Sex is messy so a great rule of sex is to go apeshit on one another and don't think about what's going on.

5 unsaid rules of sex girl saying that's so gross

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.


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Published on Jun 13, 2017
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