10 Types Of Orgasms Every Man Has Had - At Least Once!

10 Types Of Orgasms Every Man Has Had - At Least Once!

Let’s face it, ladies, it’s easier for men to orgasm than women, which obviously gives them many more opportunities to orgasm and many more instances as well. If you thought he felt the same way every time he ‘shot his load’, you’re probably wrong. Here are 10 types of orgasms every man has in his life… At least once!

1. The very first orgasm

The one when he experiences it for the first time! Even though he might have had one in the past, but he probably didn’t realize he did. It’s the ‘realization’ orgasm.

1 types of orgasms -hot man

2. The ‘it can be that good?’ orgasm

When you both are were trying a new position and he had an orgasm that was better that what he expected.

3. The ‘I am so bored’ orgasm

When he hasn’t met you in a long time but he let his imagination and hand run wild and stir up a storm inside his pants. Yeah, that’s the one we’re talking about!

3 types of orgasms -hot man

4. The ‘this one is going to get me late’ orgasm

When you talk him into round two of morning sex and he’s struggling to get ready and leave!

5. The ‘oops, too early’ orgasm

… Because you both went a li’l overboard with foreplay and he came when you least expected him to and were just getting ‘ready’ for yours. This one is usually followed with a ‘sigh’!

5 types of orgasms -hot man

6. The ‘it took some effort’ orgasm

When you’ve reached climax and can’t wait for him to cum, and he’s probably putting his best performance forward, but it’s just not happening quickly enough!

7. The, um, spillover orgasm

Umm... This one usually happens after a blowjob, more so when you’re giving him that ‘surprise’ blowjob that was unexpected and too good to be true.

7 types of orgasms -hot man

8. The ‘I can’t believe it’ orgasm

When he says, ‘Omg, that was good!’ and goes on and on talking about how great it was, even when you’ve moved on to cuddling!

9. The chance orgasm

When neither he, nor you are prepared to have sex but you can’t stop making out and getting a bit handsy and he manages to reach nirvana.

9 types of orgasms -hot man

10. The ‘can run a mile now’ orgasm

When you’re both done having sex but he has more energy than when you started and just can't sit still.

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