11 Things A Guy Says In Bed & What He *Really* Means!

11 Things A Guy Says In Bed & What He *Really* Means!

Do you ever get that inkling that your guy says one thing in bed but actually means something else altogether? Well, then all of us are in the same boat. No offence to men but they are pretty bad at trying to subtly hide such stuff. And of course, we women, are great at figuring out all these things. So here we go girls, we've got 11 things guys say in bed and what they really mean!

1. What he says: You’re so hot.

What he means: Your hotness level just doubled in my head because you’re having sex with me!

1 things guys say in bed - ryan gosling

2. What he says: Hey, you know what would be super hot?

What he means: Is this a good way to bring up my little fantasies? I hope you don’t get freaked out!

3. What he says: Of course, your body is perfect.

What he means: You have to stop worrying about nothing. You are awesome, can we get down to having sex now?

4. What he says: Am I hurting you?

What he means: You are not responding in any way. Is this good or bad?!

4 things guys say in bed - guy shrugging

5. What he says: Do you want me to give you a massage?

What he means: I’ve been reading up on what turns women on so I hope you get where we are headed with this!

6. What he says: I swear this never happens to me!

What he means: Well, it does, sometimes. But I was hoping it would never happen again.

7. What he says: I really want to go down on you.

What he means: I mean, of course, I am hoping it will make you wanna return the favour!

7 things guys say in bed

8. What he says: Of course, we don’t have to do this right now if you’re not comfortable.

What he means: This is definitely not the last you’ll hear of it but I will let it got for now.

9. What he says: Are you about to come?

What he means: I am so close, I can’t hold it any longer so please, please be close!

10. What he says: You’re the best sex I’ve ever had.

What he means: Well, you’re definitely in the top 5 and I love you. Also, I am mostly just psyched you slept with me!

10 things guys say in bed - glee seriously

11. What he says: Are you sleepy now?

What he means: Would it be too much to hope for round two?

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