11 *Sweet* Messages To Send To Him A Day Before The Wedding!

11 *Sweet* Messages To Send To Him A Day Before The Wedding!

The guests have come to town and the venue is decorated. You’re going to marry the love of your life tomorrow, and can’t wait for your married life to begin already. Let him know how excited and happy you feel, then, with these 11 texts to send to your fiance, that are sure to tug at his heartstrings!

1. ‘This time, tomorrow, we’ll probably be saying our vows in front of the world. But before we take each other as man and wife, let me promise to be your best friend, first and forever. ’

2. ‘Honestly darling, I can’t wait to get married and run away for our honeymoon!’

2 texts to send to your fiance - romantic couple

3. ‘I have loved you for ___ days, and tomorrow I’ll commit to loving you till death do us part.’

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4. ‘I have a personal party planned in mind, just for the two of us, after all the guests leave tomorrow. *Winks*’

4 texts to send to your fiance - deepika padukone

5. ‘I would love to wear your name and your T-shirts for all my life, starting tomorrow.’

6. ‘Mr. husband-to-be, you are my one in seven billion. It’s safe to say, then, that I love you more than anyone else in the world!’

6 texts to send to your fiance - i love you

7. ‘I can’t stop dreaming of all the places we’ll travel to, all the food we’ll try, all the people we’ll meet and all the people we’ll create. The adventure begins tomorrow. Can’t wait for today to get over already. ‘

8. ‘I am SO glad that I won’t have to sleep alone ever, anymore. You know I am marrying you to be your little spoon, don’t you?’

8 texts to send to your fiance - cuddling

9. ‘I hope to blow your mind dressed as your bride tomorrow. See you at the mandap, baby!’

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10. ‘Tomorrow, I will be yours and you will be mine, and we will stay like this, till the end of time. ‘

10 texts to send to your fiance - Up

11. ‘Whatever else happens tomorrow, promise me that you’ll dance with me and take endless pictures with me. You see, I want our future kids to be jealous of all the fun their parents had on their wedding.’

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