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20 Wedding Night Tips Every Bride-To-Be Needs To Remember Before She Gets Down & Dirty!

20 Wedding Night Tips Every Bride-To-Be Needs To Remember Before She Gets Down & Dirty!

Planning a wedding is a super intense task. You have so many things on your checklist - from decor to outfits to guestlist - that it’s easy to lose your mind trying to figure everything out. But in all this madness, you may forget one of the most important moments of your wedding - your first night as man and wife. Irrespective of whether you’ve had sex before or if it’s going to be the first time you two will be intimate, this is your first ‘official’ night together - and it can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Being husband and wife adds a whole new dimension to the lovemaking.

But in all that wedding hullabaloo, we’re sure nobody gave you any tips on what to do when you’re both in your room or how you’re supposed to initiate things. But don’t worry, we got you, sister!  

First Wedding Night Tips

Read here 20 first wedding night tips so that you can make this slightly stressful situation much better and a night to remember for the both of you. Hopefully, you’ll be at ease after reading these tips! 

1. Get to know your man beforehand to make things easier on the D-day!

If your marriage is arranged, it would do both of you well to actually get to know each other before you get down and dirty. Spend your courtship period trying to get to know him as much as possible. It’ll only make things less awkward when you're finally alone.

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2. The more research you two do, the better your first night together will be!

If you’re a virgin and your wedding night will be the first time you get intimate with a man, stock up on as much theoretical knowledge as possible. Read books or watch movies so you’re aware of the positions and techniques. Also, if you’re okay with it, get in some practical knowledge by touching yourself a little. Once you know your body well, you’ll be able to guide him and tell him what works for you too!

3. You may not actually consummate your marriage on your wedding night...

… because you’re so damn tired after what seems like a million ceremonies. Don’t stress too much about it because it’s absolutely normal. Many newly-married couples feel that way. It’s okay to just talk and cuddle. Besides, what is the first honeymoon night for?

4. It’s going to take roughly 30 minutes to remove your bridal ensemble and jewellery.

Exercise patience. You could make it a fun bonding activity out of it where he helps you out of your heavy outfit. Make it slow and sensual and it’ll be an amazing start to your night.

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5. Be sure to remove all of the 100 pins in your hair before getting into bed.

You don’t want to be distracted by a sudden painful jab, a tug at your scalp or poke him in the eye just as you’re getting started.

6. Your wedding night doesn’t need to be perfect and straight out of a Bollywood movie.

Sex in real life is very different from sex in movies. There will rarely be background music, candles all around you and in all likelihood, things won’t be as smooth as you thought they’d be. But instead of worrying about it, try laughing off anything that doesn't go as planned. Nothing brings two people together like laughter.

7. It’s not necessary for you to have sex on the first night after the wedding, or even in the first week.

This is especially true for arranged marriages. Wait till you’re comfortable to have sex with your hubby - whether it is 30 minutes or 30 days. The whole experience will be something else once you’ve bonded on an emotional level.

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8. It might be very awkward!

Maybe the two of you have slept together loads of times before, or maybe you’ve been saving yourself for the wedding night - either way, it’s normal to feel shy and embarrassed. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with your husband - he’s probably nervous too.

9. You don’t need to act like a demure, shy bride if you aren’t really feeling it!

It’s healthy to be open and voice what you want. And do you know one thing that can really add a lot to your sex life? Talking - and by talking I mean dirty talking. Once you two are comfortable with each other, try dirty talking to each other. Discuss fantasies and things you want to do to each other. Not only will it get you excited for the day (or night) you two get things going, it’ll help you two ease into what may have otherwise been an awkward situation.

10. As they say, dress for the life you want!

For the sexy times, it’ll help to dress seductively. Wearing a matching pair of lingerie or a really hot babydoll will boost your confidence and also make him drool. Isn’t that exactly what you want? So, step into the room in an eye-popping teddy and a pair of high heels and watch him lose his mind quickly and completely!

wedding night tips lingerie

11. Cuddling can also be a sex drive booster and heat things up in the bedroom!

While it may seem counterintuitive to cuddle before sex but that sort of intimacy may just be the start you need to a memorable night. Lying together so close to each other, intertwined, all arms and legs will make you want each other more.

12. Setting the mood can really change the game for you both!

As a bride, this may not be in your hands but you can always delegate the task to someone or ask your husband to delegate it to someone. Some candles, a sexy playlist, satin sheets and dim lighting can put you in the mood even if you’re too tired (no pressure though!).

13. A little advice from your already married friends could go a long way.

You’re not alone in this or anything, for that matter. Taking help from your married friend or cousins is actually a good idea because they’ve been where you are and can understand exactly what you’re going through or feeling. This will help you a lot in putting things in perspective and it will be a welcome change from all the uncles and aunties pulling your leg with the double innuendos but ultimately being of no help!

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14. If possible, spend the night away from your families.

The pressure to have good sex is anyway off the charts on your wedding night and you don’t want to add to that the knowledge that your families are right outside the door. It may really be uncomfortable for you knowing that there are people who’re expecting you to have sex. So ideally, for the first night together, you should book a room at a hotel so that there is no performance pressure for either of you or pesky relatives hell-bent on teasing you.

15. Another thing that works great in all situations, including this one, is a good massage!

Like we’ve already established, it is possible that the two of you will be too tired to jump right into bed. A great way to ease into it is by giving each other a massage. This will help you relax, get rid of some of the tension in your body and bond at a deeper level. Also, let’s be honest. We know that massages lead to better things, so why not?

16. Get all your tests done. And make sure your fiance gets them done too.

Test for STDs and infections, obviously, but also for hereditary factors that might affect conception. Most hospitals offer premarital check-up packages. Both of you can get them together and make a couple’s activity out of it. Remember, marriage is all about finding joy in the little things.

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17. If your period dates coincide with your wedding (and this is quite likely to happen), remember to consult a gynaecologist.

And check about an oral contraceptive that can prepone or postpone your period by a week. Also, if you’ll be heading for your honeymoon straight after your wedding, you might want to postpone them further or have them before the wedding festivities start so that they don’t prove to be a damper during your crucial bonding moments. If you’re not keen on doing that, be sure to discreetly have a word with your hubby-to-be!

18. Also, check with your gynaecologist for birth control and all possible issues relating to sex and reproduction.

Make sure it’s a catch-all consultation - you don’t want to be forgetting anything important. In an ideal scenario, you should be able to get your fiance to be part of a follow-up appointment too. This will help you avoid any unwanted pregnancies.

19. Don’t forget to discuss birth control with your fiance beforehand too.

If it’s an arranged marriage, and you’re finding it difficult to have this conversation with him, find intermediaries. Talk to your mother or aunt - someone who can talk to his mother or his aunt. This discussion must be had!

wedding night tips birth control

20. Remember: Whatever happens, it’s not just about sex.

A marriage is built on trust and emotional intimacy - connecting on a mental level is just as important as connecting on a physical level.

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This story was updated in March 2019.