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15 Signs The Chemistry With Him Is NOT Just In Your Head!

15 Signs The Chemistry With Him Is NOT Just In Your Head!

Yeah yeah, we get it - just being with him in the same room gives you all the feels. And if you were a cartoon character, you would have those red hearts pop out of your eyes! But now you want to know if this is just your mind playing tricks on you or is it really a love story waiting to happen. We may not be scientists, but lucky for you, we are quite the experts in chemistry – we help you decipher if all the signs are indeed real or just imagined!

1. He looks at you a certain way

Yeah, you’ve seen him look at others – but this is different! Good different. chemistry with a guy 1

2. He just seems to get you

Like in the most simple, benign ways – he understands what you’re saying.

3. He laughs his most genuine, throaty laughter when you say something funny!

He doesn’t laugh at your every joke, but when he does it’s sooooo adorable! chemistry with a guy 3

4. He often texts just when you are thinking about him

Of course, it helps that you are thinking about him almost ALL the time. But still, that’s got to be serendipity, right?

5. You’ve heard him talk to other people - he just talks to you a little differently

He’s calm, attentive, interested – we’ll take that as a sign! chemistry with a guy 5

6. He’s always finding reasons to talk to you!

One of the biggest tell-tale signs - it only shows he’s as into you as you are into him!

7. Others have started noticing and asking questions

Now, typically, your friends can’t be trusted in these matters. But even others have started noticing there’s something there. In fact, people have even mistaken the two of you to be a couple, more than once! chemistry with a guy 7

8. He checks on you from time to time

If the guy didn’t care about you, he wouldn’t be checking on you. Simple!

9. There’s an ease with which the banter between you two flows

You are your most comfortable and witty self around him. That’s crackling chemistry, right there! chemistry with a guy 9

10. But he also loves to listen!

Even if you are on a rant about something that happened in the day and about life being so unfair. Yup, when a guy can hear you patiently while you go on talking, it’s definitely a sign that he’s interested in you!

11. You two find excuses to spend time together

When you are attracted to someone, but things are still unofficial, it’s quite natural to want to slyly find ways to spend time with them or talk to them. If this is being reciprocated – it’s excellent news! chemistry with a guy 11

12. You don’t feel like you are the ONLY one who is interested

He makes sure that you don’t feel like you are chasing him. He also gives you hints and signals - making sure there’s a balance in the equation!

13. He likes to involve you in the little details of his day

Even if the two of you have no real reason to connect in the day, he likes to keep you posted! Even if it is through seemingly insignificant updates – he’s making an effort. chemistry with a guy 13

14. His behaviour is pretty consistent!

This is the best part – it’s not blow hot, blow cold. He doesn’t keep changing the way he talks to you, no matter who is around!

15. Indirect conversations have happened

Yes, the biggest sign of all – you guys have had indirect conversations about life, love, dating, future plans etc. This surely means you are not imagining the chemistry between you and him – it’s just the beginning of a beautiful love story waiting to happen! chemistry with a guy 15 GIFS: rebloggy.com, tumblr.com MUST-READ: How To Tell If He’s Looking For A Serious Relationship MUST-READ: How To Take That Flirtationship Further (You KNOW You Want To)
Published on Jul 24, 2015
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