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WTF! Woman Demands Refund From Wedding Photographer After Divorce

WTF! Woman Demands Refund From Wedding Photographer After Divorce

Your wedding day is probably the most special moment of your life and the pictures serve as cherished memories for a lifetime. No wonder then that finding a great photographer is right on top of every couple’s wedding to-do list. But while professionals can guarantee happy pictures, they certainly can’t guarantee a happily ever after

Lance Romeo, a wedding photographer, recently took the internet by storm after he shared a bizarre request made by one of his clients. Lance took to his Twitter account to share a screenshot of his conversation with a South African woman who demanded a refund for her wedding pictures after 4 years. But what was so bizarre about her request you ask? Well, the woman claims she’s entailed to a refund as she’s divorced now and doesn’t need the pictures anymore. 

At first, Lance thought it was a joke but as the conversation progressed, he realised that the woman was serious about getting a refund. So much so that she threatened to involve her lawyer too. 

Soon after his tweet went viral, the woman’s ex-husband even reached out to Lance and apologised. he said, “I read the articles. I apologise on her behalf.” And not just Lance, the netizens couldn’t believe the woman’s unusual request either. Take a look at some of the comments: 


In all honesty, getting a divorce is certainly heartbreaking and her unusual request looks like a repercussion of that. 

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09 May 2023
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