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15 AMAZING Gifts Your Bride-To-Be Sister Will *Really* Love!

15 AMAZING Gifts Your Bride-To-Be Sister Will *Really* Love!

Your sister’s wedding is the most amazing event in your life. And nothing can ever be as special as her wedding. You’ll be the chief bridesmaid, planning and executing her big day and you’ll also be the one who’ll miss her the most. And she’ll miss you just as much. So as the date draws closer, it’s time you start planning what to gift her to mark this life event. Here are 15 wedding gifts that we’ve picked out for your sister. She’ll love them all!  

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1. An elegant watch

1 wedding gifts

A classic Titan Raga watch, your sister will absolutely cherish this. The rose gold tone is an absolute charmer and we love the beautiful straps. She’ll remember you every time she wears this stunning accessory.

Price: Rs 6,455. Buy it here.

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2. For the girl boss!

popxo shop laptop skin

Elder sisters are and always will be the Girl Boss! And if your sister’s been bossing around a li’l too much lately or if she really is a girl boss in real life, she will absolutely love POPxo Shop's busy as a bee laptop skin!

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

3. A personalized pendant

3 wedding gifts

This is not just any pendant. It is a pendant that you can get personalized with your sister’s name! Now wouldn’t she be excited to receive this?! In fact, you should totally get one for yourself too.

Price: Rs 1,450. Buy it here.

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4. A luxury bath kit

4 wedding gifts

This Forest Essentials bath care kit includes a body mist, a bath and shower oil, a body lotion, a shower butter and a perfume. Just what every newlywed girl needs!

Price: Rs 2,450. Buy it here.

5. A gift of elegance

5 wedding gifts

A pair of 14Kt gold and Swarovski earrings, your sister will be thrilled to receive this from you. She would’ve never expected her baby sister to gift her something so special and so beautiful.

Price: Rs 3,999. Buy it here.

6. Makeup lovers’ paradise!

6 wedding gifts

Is your sister putting together her bridal beauty kit? Surprise her with this Makeup Revolution palette that contains 8 shades of contouring products and highlighters along with 16 shades of blushers. Trust us, it might look like a lot, but a newlywed sure needs it!

Price: Rs 2,625. Buy it here.

7. A naughty makeup pouch!

charam sukh makeup pouch

A wedding is a perfect occasion to gift your sister something naughty! POPxo Shop's Charam Sukh makeup pouch will be a fun addition to her bridal beauty kit. Perfect to store all small things in shiny packages, this one is a must-have. Uhm! We meant makeup, stationery and maybe what you thought too ;)

Price: Rs 549. Buy it here.

8. Mason madness!

8 wedding gifts

Is she shifting into a new home with her husband? Make her serveware more fancy with this mason jar set. A set of 4 mason jars and a wooden tray, this one’s sure to fetch her a lot of compliments from friends.

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

9. Relax & rejuvenate!

9 wedding gifts

Both your sister and jiju are going to be exhausted after the week long festivities. Gift them a long relaxing spa session at O2 spa. The gift card is valid at all their outlets and this is one gift that they really do deserve!

Price: Rs 3,000. Buy it here.

10. Mr. & Mrs. wine glasses

10 wedding gifts

We’ve always loved Mr. & Mrs. crockery. And these wine glasses are just what every newlywed couple needs in their home. The set of 2 comes with 2 coasters that read exactly the same. Perfect for their Saturday night at home!

Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here.

11. Naughty naughty!

11 wedding gifts

Want to gift your sister something totally naughty? Yeah, if not on her wedding, then when?! Get her this pack of strip cards that basically lead to better things in bed. Your sister’s going to act all shy but secretly she’s going to love it.

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

12. Sexy sunnies!

gifts from brides sister tommy glares

Every girl needs those sexy oversized sunnies in her bag. Especially when she’s off for her honeymoon. And these purple tint Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses are seriously so stylish. Take our word and just buy her these.

Price: Rs 4554. Buy it here.

13. One for the special night!

13 wedding gifts

A coral lace babydoll with a matching thong is just the right gift for your sister’s first night after the wedding. You know her size, so don’t hesitate and just pick this one up. And address the gift to her and your jiju. After all, it’s for him too! *Wink*

Price: Rs 1,996. Buy it here.

14. A swimsuit she’ll love

14 wedding gifts

Is your sister hitting the beach for her honeymoon? Add this super adorable floral bikini set to her suitcase. It’s fun, it’s fabulous and it’s the perfect colour to flaunt at the beach!

Price: Rs 3,840. Buy it here.

15. His & her wall hooks

15 wedding gifts

Save them the horror of those ugly wall hooks with these classy ones instead. The brass his and her wall hooks are perfect for the couple who likes it fancy. We love it, how about you?

Price: Rs 990 each. Buy it here and here.

No matter what you buy, just leave a heartfelt note inside the bag and watch her smile from ear to ear as she unwraps her wedding gift.

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Published on May 8, 2017
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