10 Things To Use During Foreplay (They’re Already In Your Room!)

10 Things To Use During Foreplay (They’re Already In Your Room!)

Not all of us have money to go around spending for that one night with bae. It’s okay! We all know the feeling of being just a tad bit broke every month. What if we were to tell you that you don’t need to be spending money to make it a sexy night or day? Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve curated a list of 10 things you can use as foreplay tools and they all are easily available in or around your bedroom!

1. Your special-day sexy lingerie

You know that bra and panty set you bought for that special occasion and have been hiding in your almirah since then? Well, time to get ‘em out! Wearing sexy lingerie not just makes you attractive for him but also for yourself!

1 foreplay tools

2. A sexy tie

It could belong to any male member of your family or even your boyfriend. Use his tie as a cheap but effective alternative to blindfolds. Once blindfolded, of course there are a dozen moves you can try on your man to turn the heat up!

3. Your old scarf

Don’t just let your old scarf lie there. Use it to tie his hands together or to the bedpost. Then just softly kiss his lips or give him a little strip tease… Whatever you are up for!

3 foreplay tools

4. Some massage oil

Basically, any oil that smells great! Now you can use this in two ways - you can either lather it up so your skin looks silky smooth and oh-so-attractive or you can use it to give your partner a massage! Whichever way you choose, make sure you aren’t using too much oil because it can turn very messy very fast!

5. Makeup brush

Not your new expensive ones, of course. But you can use a clean old makeup brush to turn him on. When he has his eyes closed or blindfolded, just run your makeup brush over his skin softly so that he feels every movement right in the core of his body.

5 foreplay tools

6. Your leftover chocolate

You know… The one you put on your bedside after watching the rom-com? Well, don’t put it back in the fridge yet, let it melt. Then get down to some chocolate foreplay and use it sexily!

7. Leave a perfume trail

You can use your perfume not just to smell great but also to make your foreplay 10x hotter. How? Well all you have to do is spray some perfume on yourself and then sneakily tell your blindfolded partner to come find you in the room. This adds a bit of fun to sexy too!

7 foreplay tools 

8. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Here’s a little task for you. After all, you can’t enjoy everything without putting in some effort. Use your mirror to actually look at each other when you are making out or kissing. Trust us, it will be a huge turn on for both of you!

9. Some lip balm lickin’

We’ve all always got a wide range of lip balm flavours, right? Why not use all of them at the same time? Put on different flavours without telling your partner which flavour it is and ask him to guess them instead. This way you get to have some fun AND you get tonnes of kisses and licks!

9 foreplay tools

10. Ice ice baby

We’ve mentioned how great ice can be during foreplay multiple times! If you’re done with your drinks and still have some ice cubes remaining… Well, put them to use! Take it in your mouth and while kissing pass it onto your partner’s mouth. Keep doing this until the ice cube has melted. The hot and cold sensation in your mouth will feel simply heavenly!

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