11 Cute Little Things To Do With Your Hubby… After Sex!

11 Cute Little Things To Do With Your Hubby… After Sex!

Making love is among the most intimate moments you share with your husband after your marriage. These few precious hours are the only time you get to yourself, especially if you live in a joint family. So, to make the most of this time, you should not only focus on the sex part, but also on what you do after that. Here are some adorable things to do after sex, you know, once you are done making some passionate love with your hubby.

1. Eat in bed

All that bed shaking action definitely drains out all your energy. What better way to replenish it than eating an easy snack in bed with hubby dearest.

2. Give each other a relaxing massage

Although making love is the most intimate thing you share with your partner, it is definitely not the most relaxing. That definitely has to be a massage, and engaging in giving each other relaxing massages is a great way to bond with your man.

2- things to do after sex- massage

3. Cuddle and hug

Just a few simple gestures are enough to show your partner that you care. Hugging releases stress and calms your nerves. In a weird way, it strengthens your bond more than sex does sometimes. Not kidding!

4. Talk about the future

Okay! Talking about the future does not mean you scare your hubby by discussing kids and stuff when you guys are not ready for it. But, you know, other cutesy topics like your next dinner date or vacay sound good for a refreshing post-sex convo!

5. Take a warm shower together

And no! No more hanky panky in the shower, okay? Just enjoy the slow drizzle and the warmth of each other’s bodies. Yes, just that! Save your energy for round two, you guys!

5- things to do after sex- couple in the shower

6. Sing your favourite songs or dance to them

You might want to say that you will not have any energy left for breaking into a dance routine, but honestly guys, music brings people closer like nothing else ever can.

7. Watch a movie

If you really do not want to move a limb and DO stuff, then just lounge and watch a fun movie together. Go for some light rom-coms (please, no heavy fighter jet stuff). It’ll be fun!

8. Pour yourselves a drink

If you and hubby dearest are fond of an occasional drink or two, why not enjoy a glass of wine when you need to relax your mind and body the most? Who knows, what else a little alcohol might do for you two! *Wink*

8- things to do after sex- drinking beer

9. Click stupid selfies

Do that, you do not know how much fun it can be. But, make sure to hide those pictures away in a secret folder on your phones, for obvious reasons.

10. Kiss a lot

Kiss a lot, and then kiss some more. On the forehead, on the nose, fingers, eyes, tummy… Well, you know the drill.

11. Take a nap

Sex is draining and we have already established this fact. So, now that you are done with the intense love-making, the eating, showering and massaging post your session, it’s time to just hold on to each other and drift away to dreamland.

11- things to do after sex- couple cuddling

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