10 Truths About The Wild Sex You Expect On Your Honeymoon!

10 Truths About The Wild Sex You Expect On Your Honeymoon!

Before you read any further, allow us to break any dirty dream of wild, wild sex you may harbour of your honeymoon. Sorry to tell you this girl, but stuff like that only happens in Bollywood movies. Read on to know the reality about sex during your honeymoon. These 10 truths are all too real, ladies!

1. Couples use the king-sized bed in their hotel room to sleep in more than to have sex.

What else do you think anyone would do after months and weeks of crazy wedding planning and crazier wedding celebrations? Let’s just say them newlyweds sleep in the day to function better when everyone else’s asleep! *Wink*

1 sex during your honeymoon

2. Every couple, though, gets adventurous by taking a shower together and realizing it’s not as comfortable as it seems.

Small tubs, slippery floors and dangerously wet soaps later, you realise it’s kinda easier and hassle free to bathe alone. Getting into the water together is best left to the time in the pool, then.

3. Couples are far more cuddly than horny.

Thank God for this. I mean, you have a lifetime together to have great sex, but you won’t have these intimate moments, ever again, to simply enjoy being close to each other. Couples, then, are far more romantic - holding hands, standing close, kissing and cuddling with each other - than they are horny.

3 sex during your honeymoon

4. Despite all the love, most couples also fight on their honeymoon.

These are silly fights over little things, meant to see how far the lover can go to make up to his beloved. But in that moment, they can get pretty dramatic, with people crying and walking away. Oh, but that makeup sex after. Let’s just say it’s worth the trouble.

5. A honeymoon is like the testing period. Couples get better at sex, after it.

So even though we might have broken your dreams of wild sex during the honeymoon, we’ve given you new dreams to dream about. Haven’t we?

5 sex during your honeymoon

6. Hot lingerie, hot bod, hot sex.

Prior to the many dinners they are yet to attend, couples are in great shape on their honeymoon. Add to that all the sexy, new lingerie they recently bought and raging hormones – makes a perfect recipe for extreme seduction.

7. PDA happens. Lots of it.

Because the world expects them to do it. Because they are probably at an exotic place, where they can do it. Because nothing can beat the thrill of doing it in open, with the possibilities of getting caught.

7 sex during your honeymoon

8. They aren’t really crazy about trying new positions.

Let’s just say one starts trying new flavours only when one gets bored of vanilla. And while the couple is still in their honeymoon period, well, they can’t get enough of vanilla. (If you know what we mean!)

9. But they can’t get their hands off each other.

You would find them hands busy caressing the lover’s hair, neck, arms, thigh or sweating it out in the other’s palms. Them hands are the busiest on any honeymoon.

9 sex during your honeymoon

10. However, couples do have sex whenever they can on their honeymoon.

The exotic location, the beautiful hotel room, the pleasant weather, the raging hormones, the relatives waiting back at home… everything and everyone just demands it of them.

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