13 Things Every 20-Something *Needs* To Know About Safe Sex

13 Things Every 20-Something *Needs* To Know About Safe Sex

Twenties is the age when we are full of energy and excitement. It is the time when we are making mistakes and also learning from them. It is the time when we are exploring newer things every day. Sex is also something we are learning and exploring about at this age and even though it is up to you on when you want to have sex, it is essential for each one of us to know some important things about safe sex.

1. Pull out and pray method doesn’t always work

Pulling out right before ejaculation does not mean you cannot get pregnant. Even the pre-cum contains sperm which can cause pregnancy. Thus, pulling out is never safe; instead be safe and use a condom.

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2. Using two condoms is NOT safe

Sometimes to be extra careful, couples use two condoms to be doubly safe. But this is the worst thing you could do because when two lubricated condoms come in contact with each other get slippery and thus can lead to one of them falling off. This would not only leave the sperm inside you but would also make you prone to catching an STD.

3. Peeing post sex is important

Peeing post sex prevents the chances of catching a urinary tract infection. During intercourse, your bladder which is located on top of your uterus gets irritated and thus increases the chances of catching an infection. Peeing post sex helps to get rid of any bacteria that may have come in contact with the urethra.

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4. Sex during periods can cause pregnancy

It is a myth that women cannot get pregnant while they are on their periods. Although the chances of getting pregnant are less, they are still there. Thus, never avoid wearing a condom while having sex on your period.

5. Always use a condom

It’s common sense to always using a condom! Unless, you are trying to conceive, never make the mistake of having sex without wearing a condom. Plus a condom would also prevent you from catching STDs.

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6. Use lubricants

Sometimes the condom can rip or tear if you or your partner are not well lubricated. Opt for using silicone or water based lubricants as oil lubricants increase the risk of making the condom tear.

7. Condoms have an expiry date

Just like other products, condoms too have an expiry date! Using a condom which has expired would make it less effective as it would lose its strength and flexibility and thus would not be a good ‘protection’ against pregnancy and STD’s.

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8. Sex toys need to be cleaned

Most couples use sex toys to add some fun in their bedroom and there is nothing wrong with that. Although one needs to be careful as sex toys can become one of the major carriers of STDs and other infections. Always remember to wash and sterilize the toys before using them and after using them. Another way to be safe is to use a latex condom on the toys.

9. The penis should not be inside for too long

After ejaculation, the penis should not remain inside the vagina for too long as post ejaculation the condom usually comes off inside the vagina because the penis is no longer erect and the condom is no longer a tight fit. Thus, it’s always better to withdraw as soon as ejaculation is done.

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10. Keep the food away

Whipped cream on your boobs or chocolate sauce on your guy’s torso is safe and sexy. But avoid any food item coming close to your vagina or vulva as the skin isn’t good news. The skin around this area is extremely sensitive and delicate, so you never know what your skin might react with and cause you rashes.

11. Shower sex is not 100% safe

Shower sex is not completely safe as one might think. Firstly, it can cause pregnancy as there is no proof that water can wash off the semen and not make you pregnant. Secondly, water is not a natural lubricant and rather than helping you, it would wash off your natural mucus and lubrication. Lastly, condoms are less effective in the shower as they can easily slip off when wet.

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12. Always be prepared for emergencies

It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Always have two condoms with you just in case one breaks. Keep an emergency contraceptive pill with you and never make the mistake of douching as that disturbs the normal balance of yeast and bacteria in our reproductive tract.

13. Personal hygiene

Taking care of yourself and of your body parts is essential as having safe sex depends a lot on your personal hygiene habits too.  Poor hygiene can not only cause you infections but can also cause infections to your partner. Get cozy and comfortable under the sheets but don't forget to take care of your genitals to have lots of great and safe sex.

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