10 Hot Things You Do In Bed That Drive Him Wild!

10 Hot Things You Do In Bed That Drive Him Wild!

If you’ve reached that point in your relationship where the two of you are planning to take it a step further in the bedroom then chances are, you are nervous. We’ve all been there. Being sexy in the bedroom is no easy task. There is actual thought and effort that goes into it, whether people realize it or not. To help, we’ve listed 10 sexy things men want in bed... you’re the only one who can deliver!

1. You initiating things

Never think you’re being anything but sexy when you take matters into your own hand. Men dig it! When you pull him by the hand or plant the first kiss, instead of it being the other way around, his mind just loses track for a bit… in a good way!

2. Mixing things up

You don’t have to stick by the plain old rules. Go ahead and shake things up a bit. If you’re making out, bring in a little tongue action or just run your hands over his chest, play a little footsie. There is no reason to keep thing linear!

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2 things men want

3. Kissing in different places

Don’t just kiss his lips, explore new parts of his body through your lips alone. His collarbone, his lower stomach, his back or even just his arms. Remember one rule girls - variety is the key to happiness.

4. A visual treat!

No, we’re not saying he only cares about how you look but who doesn’t like a litte eye candy now and then, right? So get your fancy lingerie out, your hair down and meet him with your sexy smouldering look, next time!

4 things men want

5. Some dirty talk

Everyone loves a few dirty words here and now, especially when you are in that steamy moment of passion. Dirty talking is hot, exciting and insanely encouraging to your man. Use some of our dirty talk phrases to be the pro that you are!

6. An adventurous spirit

We can’t stress how important the will to experiment is to everybody’s sex life. You are bound to get used to or worse, get bored of your regular sex routine. Unless, you go out of your way to bring some adventure behind your bedroom door. These could be trying out each other’s fantasies or any other antic that both of you are interested in!

6 things men want

7. Some sound effects

Say hello to some moans and groans, ladies! Why? Well, because it is plain simple sexy! Don’t go overboard, of course, but just that little whimper from you can do wonders for your man during sex!

8. The woman being on top

There is something so great about the woman being on top - for both the parties. Men love the view from down below and women love the feeling of actually being the driving force. It’s a win-win situation, so what are you waiting for? Check out some tips if this is going to be your first time!

8 things men want

9. A sense of humour

Sex is amazing and sometimes, a little awkward. What your man really wants is you to just laugh that awkwardness off. We can safely admit that a good sense of humour is a turn on inside and outside a bedroom.

10. Going down on him

Well, this one is a no-brainer! Men love oral sex, there is no two-ways about it. It feels great and he really wants it, so if you feel you’re up for it then go ahead and give it a shot!

10 things men want

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