Sunday Shorts: 3 Exciting Tales Of Make-Up Sex

Sunday Shorts: 3 Exciting Tales Of Make-Up Sex

1. Better late than never

We were in an argument for a couple of days and neither of us would concede. On Friday night, I picked up a bottle of wine while getting home from work knowing that he’d be stuck at an office party. In case you were wondering, there was no surprise dinner waiting for me back home. So, I plonked on the couch and opened the bottle.

Several glasses down, in walks he, looking surprisingly glorious in a pair of formals. This, when I was in my pjs busy being a slob. But we just looked at each other and this invisible wall between us melted away. He gave me a hug and kissed me, I could taste the whisky on his breath. He promptly removed my top, ecstatic to find no bra underneath.

The inevitable followed, we were so immersed in each other that no apologies were required. Hands and lips communicated what words couldn’t. I am still waiting to pick a fight with him again so that we can repeat the best make up sex ever.

1 make up sex

2. The right timing

It's been 6 months since I last heard from him. He was out of sight, out of mind. After all, I broke his heart because I wasn't ready to put a label on our relationship. While my mind kept telling me I didn't need him, in my heart of hearts, I missed him terribly.

Last Sunday, while I was blowing off some steam at the bar with my colleagues. My heart skipped a beat when I spotted him on the table that was next to ours. Suddenly, all those memories and feelings clouded my thoughts. We made eye contact and somehow, it felt as if our eyes were having a conversation. Just when I was about to leave, he walked up to me to talk to me. It felt as if no time had gone by, and in a span of an hour, I was in his car, driving to his place.

None of it felt awkward. The sex was passionate and I greedily craved for more. I didn't know what I had - until I lost it. The morning after, I changed my relationship status from 'single' to 'in a relationship' on FB. Time taught me patience, and love, really did conquer everything.

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3. Wild and crazy - just like us!

‘No, wait!’ he said, grabbing me by my hand, ‘You know that’s not what I meant!’ ‘Well, that is what you said,’ I replied flatly. ‘You always do this!’ he said, letting go of my hand again. ‘Well then it shouldn’t be a problem if I left right now,’ I replied, tears stinging my eyes. ‘You can do what you like,’ was his reply as he looked away. I looked away too, and it wasn’t until I was almost about to shut the door to his house that his hands grabbed mine, again.

His lips were on mine in a swift motion and he didn’t let go until I gave in. ‘You are the worst,’ I said, in between the kisses, as we made our way back to his room, never letting go of each other. ‘I love you, stop fighting with me,’ he said with a little smile on his face, unbuttoning my top. ‘Never,’ I replied, taking off his shirt.

We couldn’t keep the promise of never fighting again, but the smile on our faces every time we hit the bed, remained the same.

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