Sunday Shorts: 3 Hot Tales Of Getting Naughty In The Pool

Sunday Shorts: 3 Hot Tales Of Getting Naughty In The Pool

1. Skinny (Pool) Dipping!

‘Well, come on in!’ he called out to me as I lightly dipped my toe in the swimming pool. ‘No way! It’s too cold out here!’ I replied, shivering under my sarong. ‘Don’t be like that! Look at how beautiful the night is, do it for the memories!’ he laughed. I sighed, he always got me with that. I looked around, there was nobody left - even the hotel staff was nowhere to be seen. Well then, I thought to myself, let’s do this! I slipped my sarong off me and as I stepped into the pool, I did the same with my bikini top. ‘Did I tell you the night is beautiful?’ he asked, wrapping his arms around me. ‘You did, yeah,’ I said. ‘Well, it’s nothing compared to you.’ he replied, and just like that, his hands warmed by entire body and I couldn’t help but place my lips on his. That was the first time we went skinny dipping… In a hotel pool. But I have to say, the kiss and everything that followed made it worth it!

1 naughty in the swimming pool

2. No Stopping Us Tonight

‘Can you stop? We're out in the open.' I told him, between moans, as he continued kissing my neck. 'There's nobody here and our friends aren't going to be back for another hour, let go baby' he whispered in my ear. That was the only push I needed. I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him hard. In that moment, I did not care that we were in a swimming pool that we were sharing with our friends. All I wanted was him and his hands everywhere. And let me tell you, he fulfilled my every last wish in the pool that evening.

2 naughty in the swimming pool

3. The Naughty Checklist

'You must have a sex bucket list, right? Don't be shy, you can tell me,' he said with a naughty smirk. 'Doing it in the pool,' I coyly whispered in his ear.

After the initial shock subsided, without another word, he wrapped his arms around my waist and told me that he's about to make my wish come true. It was late at night, the pool was pitch-dark and the water was freezing cold. With his warm lips on my skin, and his hands caressing my curves, without much resistance, I gave in. It was the wildest and most pleasurable experience of my life!

3 naughty in the swimming pool

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