#HeSays: 10 Sex Gifts EVERY Boyfriend Dreams Of!

#HeSays: 10 Sex Gifts EVERY Boyfriend Dreams Of!

Men are very simple creatures, ladies. We love a few things a lot - and we make our love for them abundantly clear. So when it comes to giving us a non-material gift, shouldn't it be kind of a no-brainer? Here are 10 sex gifts every boyfriend dreams of!

1. The 'good morning' blow job

There is no guy in the world who wouldn't want to wake up to a blow job, ladies. It should really just be the only way to wake up really.

2. The sex-cation

See, it's a vacation, but instead of exploring the sights we're going to be exploring each other’s bodies…

3. A jump-out-of-a-box birthday surprise

Yes, we've only ever seen this in a movie or two but what's a better (or more obvious) gift than just you? Of course, the jumping out of a box theatrics help a bit!

3 sex gifts

4. The girlfriend turned sex-mistress

We love it when you take charge sometimes, ladies - especially in the bedroom. Coming home to you in a sexy outfit, ready to take what you want… Just WOW.

5. The very public tease-fest

It's like playing tag but hotter. Wayyy hotter. We love it (in a torturous sort of way) when you tease us relentlessly in a place where we can't really do much about it. Don't know why, but we do.

6. A naughty game with even naughtier rules

Everyone loves naughty games, right? Okay, even if it's just us guys, we're pretty sure you would love them too once you try them with us! It could be strip-scrabble, naughty-dice, frisky-FIFA, anything!

6 sex gifts

7. The at-our-mercy sexathon

We like our girlfriends in charge but we also love them at our mercy. A weekend of sex - the way we want it (within reason, of course) and how many ever times we want it - best, best, BEST!

8. The blind show

There is something to be said for playing with one’s senses during sex… It’s like discovering a new level of sex just with you - and a blindfold!

9. The after-sex sexy time

Sure, we're pretty spent after sex. But even in that state, we would never say no to some sexytime. A lap dance or a sensual massage would stay on our minds for days!!

9 sex gifts

10. Making our Fantasy Number 1 come true

In every relationship there comes a time when you share fantasies. You don't have to necessarily work on them - it's just a way of knowing each other better. But if it were to come true… There's just no better gift than this, trust us.

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