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10 Awesome ‘Date With Bae’ Ideas You Can *Surprise* Him With!

10 Awesome ‘Date With Bae’ Ideas You Can *Surprise* Him With!
It doesn’t really take much effort to spice up a relationship or make it a little more interesting  - just a creative mind and the willingness to do something different. And of course, he shouldn’t be the only one at the top of the game, planning things out for you two to do. Here are 10 date night ideas you can surprise him with!

1. Candlelight romance

We had to start with the obvious. If there is a new restaurant you guys want to visit, make a reservation and take him there. Enjoy the stunning view and the ambience while gorging on delicious food. It’ll take your mind off other stressful things, and well, food does make everything better. 1 date ideas

2. One night getaway

Do some research on places you can go on a quick night out, an outdoor movie event, a camping trip or a long drive, maybe? Organise it well and take him away!

3. Casual night in

On days you want to spend some quality time together, without having to step out, make it an indoor affair. Featuring his favourite sport, beer and pizza. In case you didn’t know, Sunny Leone and Sunil Grover are live commenting on UC News App on 13th of April during an IPL match, so that’s also something you two should check out. You can even chat with them and ask questions during live commenting. 3 date ideas

4. Take him shopping

Why, yes! Take him out one evening and buy him a sharp suit, a Superman hoodie, pair of smart loafers or whatever it is that he wants to add to his summer wardrobe.

5. Movie date

To make it more adventurous, you can go for back to back shows of a couple of movies that he really wants to watch on the big screen. But be sure to stock up on that cheesy popcorn! 5 date ideas

6. Some time with the stars

Plan an outdoor picnic, but in the evening. If there are logistical issues you can do up your terrace and have one there. Pretty shimmery lights, some light acoustic music, a nice bottle of wine, and you guys can take it on from there.

7. Comedy night

Good standup comedy can always be a source of great entertainment, even on a weeknight. So if one of his favourite comedians is touring your city, book the tickets and surprise him with a fun time at a comedy club. 7 date ideas

8. Cultural treat

If he really enjoys live music, theatre, spoken word poetry etc, it would be a great idea to treat him to one of them. And if you have time after this, you can also follow it up with a nice dinner date.

9. Relax and refresh

You guys deserve it! Book a spa date where you can get full body massages, facials, mani-pedis etc. And along with the grooming, you can let go of that extra stress and truly live in the moment. 9 date ideas

10. Get competitive

This could be a date at a bowling alley or even a very close game of chess at a nearby cafe while having your favourite grilled sandwiches and french fries. *This post is in partnership with UC News.