#CrazyStupidLove: 15 Types Of Dates Every Couple Should Try!

#CrazyStupidLove: 15 Types Of Dates Every Couple Should Try!
As much as we enjoy being in a relationship, planning date nights (or days) can be tricky! You reach a point where you’re all “been there, done that” and are kinda feeling the need to try something new. Don’t worry, because we’re at your service! Here’s a list of different kinds of dates every couple should try at least once. Goodbye, monotony, HELLO, romance!

1. The Adventurous Date

We are not exactly asking you to be “Khatron Ke Khiladi”, but come on! Don’t you think you’ve had enough of the same old coffee-dinner-drive routine? Move your derrière a little! Plan an adventurous date, one that involves some sort of... adventure! Head to the outskirts of your city (or find a place within your city that offers these activities) for some river rafting or zip-lining or rappelling! Nothing brings two people closer than ALL THAT adrenaline!

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2. The Drive Date

Remember that saying about journeys being better than destinations? Pack a picnic, and set out! Where should you go? Anywhere! It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s you, him, a car and lots of music. For all you know, you get to see some beautiful new places as you explore your city (or beyond) in a totally new light!

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3. The Budget Date

Now, folks, all those dates can sometimes be pretty rough on us financially, given that going to a nice place on a Saturday night often involves a pretty big darn hole in our pockets! This time, set a budget. The key is to stick to a very minimum budget and still have a lovely date night. So, improvise: go for street food, a walk on the promenade, coffee at the oldest coffee joint in the city, or a local bar that students frequent. Trust us, frugal will never have felt so sexy!

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4. The Creative Date

You know how much fun it is when the two of you record that DubSmash? Now imagine doing something even more creative together. Go to a stationery shop, buy some art paper and paints. Get back home and do portraits of each other! Imagine the fun when you see the final result. It doesn’t even matter if you two are great artists - it’s just for fun, anyway! For all you know, it could end up being a total laugh riot! Either way, you both have a keepsake at the end of the date – how cool is that? Oh, and if art is not your thing, write something together or about each other. The point simply is to get your creative juices flowing!

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5. The Spontaneous Date

Not every date must and should be planned days in advance. Just take a half-day from college/work and meet up! It doesn’t even matter what you to do next, because the thrill of playing hooky will just make this one of the most fun dates of your life. When you are old and grey, you’ll have a great story to tell your grandkids!

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6. The Double Date

Sure, you guys hang out with other friends all the time, but this is different! This date involves going out with another couple and still doing date things. So pick a nice restaurant and head out with your best friend and her boyfriend, or his brother and brother’s girlfriend, or whichever other couple you actually like! You will be surprised at how much you discover about yourselves as a couple when you are out with another one. Even if the date ends up being the boys ganging up against the girls, you will still end up having a lovely night – one that you can always discuss on your next date alone!

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7.  The Dripping With Romance Date

In a bid to not be cheesy, we often end up skipping the romance completely! So for once, absolutely don’t. Plan the most romantic date in the history of your relationship. If you like flowers, let it be known to him that you will be expecting some. Oh, and don’t forget to dress up for this one! Fancy dinner, wine and a long drive later – you will feel no less like a heroine from a movie!

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8. The Game Night Date

Whether it’s going to the local gaming parlour to whoop each other’s ass at air hockey or it’s staying home and playing naughty Pictionary (What? It’s a thing, okay?!), there’s something so fun about a game night! All that playful camaraderie and competitive spirit will surely bring the two of you closer.

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9. The “Anti-Comfort-Zone” Date

When you are with someone (especially if it’s been quite a while) you tend to form certain patterns, and over time you get so used to them that they become your comfort zone. So if date night only means one kind of cuisine, just 2-3 restaurants and the same old part of the city, then it’s definitely time to mix things up! You must try and introduce some fun and madness into your date. Dress up if you normally keep it casual, go for a concert if you normally only do dinners, cook if you normally order in…you get the drift!

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10. The Gastronomical Date

If you two love to eat, this is the perfect kind of date for you! Plan your whole Sunday around food. Do your research. From the best waffles in town for breakfast to the meanest cannelloni for lunch, from the freshest coffee to the most decadent dinner – cover it all! Imagine how happy your man will be if you plan all this and ask him to just follow your lead. Although, warning: you should get some exercise in your day or you’ll end up feeling too full! As for exercise, be creative - we can think of the perfect kind. ;-)

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11. The Historical Date

Visit the museum in your city, or the post office! Better still, hire a guide. Get to know your city, its origins and all the wonderful history that surrounds the two of you. Trust us, knowing how many people have walked the hallowed hallways of your beloved city over the centuries will make the whole experience uber-romantic.

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12. The Movie Inspired Date

Every movie buff dreams of recreating the scenarios from her favourite movie! We say: why not actually do it? Think lying on the grass staring at the stars a la Hrithik and Katrina (from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara), or any others movie that floats your boat. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? It’s your chance to literally live out your fantasies!

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13. The Dancing Date

Put on your dancing shoes and just go! Just figure out in advance which club has a decent-sized dance floor. Most of them even have different nights – retro, Bollywood, salsa – just pick your jam! The two of you are sure to have a memorable time, dancing the night way.

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14. The Classic Bar Hop

If you love your alcohol, you must try this one! We tend to go for a drink and just sit wherever we are, no matter how crowded or noisy a bar gets. But instead of being lazy, plan a bar-hopping date. Have one drink at each bar you go to - and pick them wisely (please do). Needless to say, leave the car at home! Each bar brings with it a different vibe, and at the end of the night you will be buzzed at the exhilaration that was this unique mix of experiences – plus, not to mention, all that alcohol!

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15. Nostalgia Central

Every relationship has its moments – the first time you met, the first restaurant you went to, the first time you kissed, so on and so adorably forth! Why not revisit them from time to time? Plan a date that either replicates your first one ever or try and visit around 2-3 places you two used to when you just began dating. It will be a heady rush of emotions, and will actually give you both all the feels! After all, while making new memories, one must never forget the old ones. :-)

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