Arranged Marriage? 7 *Awesome* Date Night Ideas To Bond With Your Fiance!

Arranged Marriage? 7 *Awesome* Date Night Ideas To Bond With Your Fiance!

An arranged marriage scenario is like puberty, you try to resist the changes, but with time, things only get better! Sure, awkward silences and untimely moments, all come with the package, but with great love and mutual respect, your decision to marry someone your family agrees to, could be the best one you made in your life! And if you have missed the opportunity to chat with bae in between your hectic wedding planning, then these date night ideas would guarantee you spend some quality time together. And no, it’s not the cliche roses and candle lit dinner drama!

1. Midnight Walk

This may sound like the usual mix, but trust us, there is nothing more romantic than a beautiful midnight walk with your fiance. Enjoy those cutesy moments, hand in hand, while getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes even more intimately. If you’re itching to spend some quality time together (finally!), a late-night walk it is!

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2. Bar Hop!

Chances are, you’ve never got a chance to put your hair down and chat with bae over some great music and cosmopolitans! We suggest, you make the most now, by trading the candy floss candlelight dinners with a funky bar hopping session. Make a list of your favourite bars, or better still, just make an impulsive decision to hop along from one bar to another, while truly enjoying each other's’ company. Oh, and karaoke is a must!

2 date night ideas

3. Netflix & Chill

Now, now, who said all the ‘Netflix & Chill’ sessions are reserved for the teeny boppers? Get on your cute pyjamas, with pizzas and popcorns in tow and watch your favourite netflix series together. Make sure you turn away your phones and laptops and have cozy blankets and pillows ready for the snuggle fest and maybe a lot more...

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4. Go Glamping

Imagine exchanging sweet nothings in a beautifully lit glamping tent or better still, watching the stars together while talking about love and life! A weekend glamping trip is all you need to get to know each other better and enjoy some ‘alone time’ together. It’ll be a much deserved break from your hectic schedules and you’ll also get to indulge in some awesome adventure activities. Sounds like a plan!

4 date night ideas

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5. Stand Up Fiesta

A couple that laughs together, stays together forever! It is true, there is nothing more life affirming than sharing all the goofy smiles and happiness with your other half. Attending a stand up show then, would make for quite an offbeat date night plan that’ll help you cozy up and share some light hearted moments in complete bliss!

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6. Cook A Meal Together

Caution: Do not blame us for all the mess in the kitchen! Just kidding. Cooking is regarded to be quite therapeutic, and one that involves bae, can make it even more romantic. Whether it is a slow cooked stew or a gourmet cake delight, make sure you both enjoy the process and help each other in the making… It’ll get you closer like never before!

6 date night ideas

7. Be A Tourist

This one’s for all those couples who like exploring places together. Now we know that finding time to pre plan your ideal romantic holiday can be a task. Therefore, we suggest, you take the easy route and start with your very own city itself. You could have known the city for far too long, but with your fiance, it is going to be a different experience altogether! Go visit all the touristy spots and don’t forget to click a lot of pictures!

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