25 Easy & Engaging Questions To Ask *Him* On Your First Date

25 Easy & Engaging Questions To Ask *Him* On Your First Date
Dating is tough, guys! Especially with V-day right across the corner, if you’re single, you find yourself surrounded with prospective dates. And if you’re anything like us, you also find yourself surrounded with a bit of self-doubt and nervousness right before that first date! Well, don’t fret! Here’s what to talk about on the first date with a new guy to fill that awkward silence we all hate!

Phase 1: The Ice-Breaker

You’ve just met and you need to have some sort of conversation to avoid that awkward silence. This is the best time to get the obvious questions out the way! 1. Where are you originally from? 2. What do you do? How long have you been doing it for? 3. Where did you go to school/ college? 4. What did you study? 5. Which part of the town do you live in? 5 what to talk about on the first date

Phase 2: Keeping The Conversation Going

Now that the ‘how do you do/ what do you do’ questions are over, you’ll actually begin to get to know the person just a little bit more. By this time your drinks or starters would have arrived and now is the time to talk about hobbies and what you like to do. 6. What do you like to do when you’re not working/ studying? 7. Have you any read good books recently? 8. What type of music/ movies are you into? 9. When is your birthday? 10. Have you got any travel plans coming up? 10 what to talk about on the first date

Phase 3: Getting Comfy

Now you know the basics about the person sitting opposite you. You’ve already formed some sort of an opinion about whether you find them interesting or not. Phase 3 will help you find out if your first impression was right. Now you can get a little more personal, about yourself and him. 11. Do you have any nicknames? 12. What are you truly passionate about? 13. Are you a cat person or a dog person?l 14. If you weren’t a *insert his occupation*, what would you like to become? 15. What are some of the things on your life bucket list? 15 what to talk about on the first date

Phase 4: Staying A Little While Longer

You actually don’t feel like getting up and going home. So how do you subtly put that across? Like this!
16. Would you like some dessert? Some cheesecake would be perfect right now! 17. I know this great place nearby, you wanna get a cup of coffee before we leave? 18. I love to just walk a little bit after dinner. You wanna join me? 19. My friend has a party at her place tonight, you want to drop by? 20. So, what are we doing after this? 20 what to talk about on the first date

Phase 5: Prepping For A Second Date

The date eventually comes to an end... But you had a great time and you’d actually want to show that you’re interested in a second date. It’s not as tough as it might sound. Use any of these lines! 21. So, do you have a busy week ahead? 22. You have any plans for this weekend? This new movie is releasing and it looks really interesting! 23. There is a great play happening next week, I think you’ll love it! 24. Did you like this place? *If he says yes* I know a similar one that you’d love! 25. I might be around your office this week, actually! We should catch up over coffee? 25 what to talk about on the first date If, by any chance, you don’t really want to go on that second date and had a terrible time...well, then just a goodbye is enough! GIFs: Tumblr