#HeSays: How To Make Your Guy *Scream* With Pleasure!

#HeSays: How To Make Your Guy *Scream* With Pleasure!

Most of us guys are not very vocal when we're getting busy between the sheets. No, we tend to be the ones who are doing the stuff that makes our partners scream. But it's not impossible to make us scream too, ladies - or at least, moan and groan a lot - if you wanted to try. Here's how to make a guy scream in bed!

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Wanna make your man happy? Know how to make him moan! Read on to know what we guys absolutely love in bed. 

1. Going down…after sex!

There really isn't anything better than being completely spent…and then having you move down our bodies to give us even more pleasure. Nothing. Nope.

2. Up your dirty talk

We don't mean just dipping your toes into the dirty talking game. We mean full-fledged diving and telling (re: begging) us to do exactly what you want us to do to you in as explicit terms as possible.  

3. Show us how much you need us

This one is about desperation. When we see a woman, almost going mad with need, desperate for us to do something, anything, to her… Whoa, that does something to a guy that just can't be undone.

3 how to make a guy scream in bed

4. Bite and nibble

Seems tame? It's not. We might not advertise our sweet spot to everyone, but if you've found it ladies, please do nibble us there in the middle of sex. We really won't be able to stop the sounds.

5. Bring...toys

Things we can both use on each other. This doesn't mean that the two of us are not enough for each other - just that a little bit of extra stimulation can have some crazy, earth-shattering results. Yes, even for us!

6. Deep-throat

We know blow jobs are too obvious to be on this list. But when you go down and stay down and then go deep? DAMN, girl! No guy in the world can control himself when a girl does this.

6 how to make a guy scream in bed

7. Give the balls some love

We don't mean during blow jobs, ladies, even though it might be the most convenient at that time. No, we mean during sex, if you have access… A bit of attention in that area is every guy's (wet) dream come true.

8. Focus on all our pleasure spots

We know you think we're all about the penis - and sometime the balls - but there are so many other sensitive areas on our bodies. Don't ignore them anymore and we'll be putty in your hands, literally!

9. Touch yourself!

There are very few things hotter than the sight of you touching yourself in front of us. It's true. And you have no idea the crazy thoughts that go through our minds when you do this… It's hot, hot, HOT!

9 how to make a guy scream in bed

10. Make us touch you

A variation of the previous point, but a sexually aware woman is the ultimate fantasy. When you push us to pleasure you in the way you want us to, we almost blow our lids off!

11. Take us by surprise

There is a certain predictability about you doing something awesome in bed that we asked you to do… So when you do something we’ve never even thought about - it's like suddenly waking up on a rollercoaster. A very sexy one.

12. Make Eye Contact With Us

We love it when you look at us while you kiss, you touch and you move. It adds to the passion which we are sharing with you which feels so amazing. So look at us between the kisses and specially going down… it just turns us on!

Now that you know all these secrets you already know how to make a guy moan. So go ahead and please the man who loves you a lot and deserves all the happiness.

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