10 Surefire Ways to Get Your Husband in the Mood

10 Surefire Ways to Get Your Husband in the Mood
A great sex life is not just about the positions you try, the lingerie you wear or the candles you light up – it’s also about what you do to him after all these things are taken care of! Here are 10 things your husband wants you to do in bed, for these are what turns him on and drive him beyond crazy about you. He may not tell you this directly, but these tips and tricks will work like a charm. Want to turn up the heat in the bedroom and get your husband in the mood for some lovin'? Then read on and make all his wishes come true, tonight.

How to Get Your Husband in the Mood and Turn Up the Heat

1. Talk dirty, act naughty and show him that he’s your desire!

No matter how long you’ve been married, never let complacency and predictability settle in your relationship. Shake things up every now and then by flirting with him, appreciating him and getting naughty. Reserve the troubles of the world for later, for now, be the woman who can’t wait to get into bed with him. 3-reasons-to-sext-your-husband  

2. Make the first move and keep on surprising him.

Men love when women make the first move and are eager to ‘do it’. Surprise him with a quickie right after you wake up, in the middle of the night or even when you two are out with friends – just make it spontaneous and keep him guessing! This will make him want you even more, especially if you guys are outside. The good sign of things to come once home!  

3. Shout his name out loud.

Men love compliments, especially in bed. A great way to turn your husband on is to let him know that he’s doing a good job at pleasuring you down there and everywhere else by moaning, shouting and saying his name again and again. Trust us, it’ll only make him want to serve you better. *Wink* 3-your-husband-wants-you-to-do-in-bed  

4. Let’s restrict functional lingerie to the daytime only, okay?

Putting on a sexy, lacy lingerie is probably the easiest thing you can do to attract your husband in bed and make him jump. Plus, it gets you in the mood too, so that’s a win-win.

5. Or, maybe sleep naked?

Knowing that you’re sleeping next to him wearing absolutely nothing increases the probability of doing just about anything and how enormously exciting is that?  

6. Tell him about that new thing you learnt and wanna try out…

Never stop exploring your sexuality and experimenting in bed, for trying is the only way of perfecting that orgasm. And no, G-spot ain’t a myth, but you wouldn’t know unless you help him find out, right?  

7. Pamper him some…

Your husband doesn’t just want sex in bed, he craves for intimacy as well. He wants to feel loved and taken care of. So offer him a massage, shower him with big, tight bear hugs and let him never run out of cuddles and kisses. 7-your-husband-wants-you-to-do-in-bed

8. And at other times, just discipline him.

Sometimes your husband wants to be in control, but at other times he just wants to surrender to your wishes. So take charge and command him to do things to you and in turn punish him or please him and make it a night to remember.  

9. Never too many blow jobs!

Some love it more, some love it less, but ALL men love it. Treat your husband to it, then, for he can never, ever have enough of them. And this is the best way to get him in the mood that you are aiming for!

10. Play out his fantasies.

Whatever be his cup of kink, if you’re okay donning it – go ahead and play along. Be the naughty nurse/ sexy teacher he dreams of and watch the same old position come alive with renewed passion in this avatar. There are many many ways to get your husband in the mood for some seriously steamy bedroom sessions. Try out new things, see what works for him and even for you. Oh ladies, there are always more than enough ways to spice up your married life!