10 Sex Secrets That Every Happy Couple Know About!

10 Sex Secrets That Every Happy Couple Know About!

Sex is an art. And happy couples sure do know a thing or two about it! You might be single or just about to get into a relationship but you could always use these golden rules to sex. Here are 10 secrets about sex all happy couples know and you should too!

Sex Secret 1. Always make enough eye contact

The way your eyes can communicate during sex is amazing. They show comfort and security and that makes it even better. So, make sure you’re not shying away from locking eyes. It’s like letting him know you’re here for him just by a simple look in your eye. 1 sex secrets

Sex Secret 2. Quality is always above quantity

In a long-term relationship, you might not always be getting enough action. Even if you want, tonnes of external factors come into play. That’s when you realise the greatest secret about sex - it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality. So whenever you get the chance, make it count and make it memorable!

Sex Secret 3. Laughter is important

Screw ups during sex are bound to happen, no matter how long you’ve been having it. Happy couples know how to laugh them off and take things lightly. If you are very serious about tiny things, you end up not enjoying the limited time you get to spend with your partner.

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Sex Secret 4. Don’t take foreplay lightly

Even if you have been dating for a long time, don’t make sex very obvious. ‘Let’s have sex tonight!’ is just not a great way to go about it, on most days, at least! Another great tip and secret about sex is to make sure you invest time and energy in foreplay. Send dirty texts, memes, emojis, talk dirty on the phone… Do whatever little you can because it’s worth it!

Sex Secret 5. Don’t mix sex with your fights

No matter how ugly the fight is, sex should never be a threat. You can’t tell your partner ‘No sex’ just because they mess up outside the bedroom. This just leads to a sense of resentment which hardly ever dies easy. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to have sex while you two are fighting but it definitely shouldn’t be a part of your arguments either. 5 sex secrets

Sex Secret 6. Give each other space

Distance makes the heart grow fonder… and all your other body parts too. Don’t be stuck to each other all the time and make sure you give each other enough to space to actually miss your partner. Another secret about sex - Trust the happy couples, sex only gets better with missing!

Sex Secret 7. Experiments are a must

After all, you need some excitement both inside and outside the bedroom to keep the spark alive. Try new positions or techniques even if you like to go old school. You never know what new way you might like better! 7 sex secrets

Sex Secret 8. Orgasms were never made for just one

Both of you have can orgasm and you both need to work towards achieving it - for each other! No one person should be prioritised when it comes to orgasms. After all, you’re both putting in equal effort! *Wink*

Sex Secret 9. But they shouldn’t be the sole focus

However, reaching orgasm is not the only thing sex should be about. There are so many things sex can give you - it relieves you from stress, helps you and your partner achieve another level of intimacy, among others. So what’s the next secret about sex? Getting an orgasm, although important, shouldn’t be your only focus. Just relax and let the situation play itself out.

9 sex secrets

Sex Secret 10. Always aim for better!

Remember to always strive for better. Even after you’ve had mind-blowing sex or on those days when you have not-so-mind-blowing sex, remember, you can do better. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr