Sunday Shorts: 3 *Naughty* Tales About Going ‘Down’ On Him!

Sunday Shorts: 3 *Naughty* Tales About Going ‘Down’ On Him!

1. Zippin’ it up!

My heart beat a little faster right after I rang the bell. I wondered how he would react to the surprise as the door knob moved and he stood in front of me. His expression went from shock to disbelief to a surprised smile. ‘What are you…how did you… I thought you were in Mumbai! I don’t…’
‘Zip it.’ I told him as I placed my lips on his and then moved down, shutting the door behind us. Good thing that I had planned this in advance with his roommates - it would have been quite a task to control the moans that escaped his lips, as he stood in the doorway. The rough floor didn’t matter, nor did the coldness of it get to me. There’s something about taking control, I guess. It’s the thrill of being able to do whatever you like. 1 going down on him

2. Honey, it’s my turn!

We had been having sex for quite some time now. While he had been comfortable going down on me, somehow I hadn’t gone down on him even once. Not that I was averse to the idea, but it just never happened. I knew he wanted it but he was too shy to ask for it. One afternoon, we were in the middle of a hot and steamy make out session when he started to go down on me. I told him to stop. ‘Why?’ he asked. ‘Cuz honey, it’s my turn’ I replied as I slowly went down on him. The shock and happiness on his face was priceless. So were the moans that followed. While it was my first time going down on him, we both still agree that it was the best till date. Mind you, I got rewarded handsomely after that - if you know what I mean! *Wink* 2 going down on him

3. The Coy Gentleman

When it came to getting dirty between the sheets, he was a gentleman. His touch was soft and would constantly ask me if he wasn’t too rough with me. He treated me like a lady, but sometimes, I want to be treated different in bed.
Since, I’m a freak in bed, I like to take things fast and rough. While making out, I didn’t ask for his permission, I made my way down south, and unzipped his pants. Each time I kissed and touch him down there, I could hear him moan softly. Suddenly I got a light spank on my butt. Turned out that I managed to bring out the wild beast in him! 3 going down on him Images: Giphy, Shutterstock