Hottest first night tricks to drive him insane!

Hottest first night tricks to drive him insane!

Fifteen days, a month, or almost an year… no matter how long you’ve been married for, your sex life should never ever hit a lull. And honestly, the regular routine behind shut doors will sooner or later get boring. You don’t want that, do you? And your husband, certainly not! So ladies, work up that charm and get ready to spice things up with these first night tips. These super hot sex tips for your first night will not just blow his mind, but also make you even more irresistible. 

1. Wear that racy lingerie

Yeah yeah, don’t let anything come in the way of slipping into something super sexy on your first night. We’re talking lacy babydolls, crotchless panties and naughty lingerie. Lots of lace and satin is all you need. Seeing his wife dressed like that, is going to make him want you in bed NOW!  1 sex tips

2. Sexting is SO hot!

‘I had a really dirty dream last night… And I can’t wait to re-enact it with you tonight!’ Get the drift? Sending him a sexy text at work will make him go wild with excitement before the first wedding night. And you have no idea how arousing sexting can be for both of you.    

3. Role play for a night

A fancy bar, dressed to the nines and acting as perfect strangers who’ve only just met. Now that sounds hot for a first wedding night! Or how about going all out in a naughty teacher costume while he plays your obedient student. Just the thought of it will have him go all hot and sweaty.  3 sex tips

4. Experiment all week!

Doggy style, girl on top, or the good ol’ 69 - try a new position every day of the week. Your man’s going to love you for experimenting in bed. And you may just end up finding a new pleasure spot or another position that helps you orgasm even better. 

5. Get out of the room

Yeah, the same old bed can get boring. Get out of the room and do it on the kitchen counter, the office table or under the shower. Or sneak a quickie in the restaurant's rest room or get on top of him in the car. Ladies, the thrill of sex in a public place and the thrill in having a fear of being caught by someone can be a heady mix! 5 sex tips

6. Treat him… to a striptease!

Trust us, you would’ve never seen him get this wild in bed. Best ever first night tips include putting on some sexy layers of clothing, playing a sensual track and then driving him wild as you strip off one piece at a time. Do expect to be rewarded generously after that! 

7. Blindfolded during sex

It’s so arousing when you don’t know what's coming next. Take turns to blindfold each other while the other gets to explore their partner's body and do as he/she pleases. To not be able to see your partner or know the next move is only going to make your session so much HOTTER! 7 sex tips

8. An erotic massage

Work those fingers and give him a sensual oil massage. Get on his back and very slowly move your fingers up his body. Touch all the right spots and graze your nipples along his back to heat things up. When you’re done, he’ll only be happy to return the favour. *Wink* 

9. Make some noise

Because men love to hear their woman talk dirty. It’s such a huge turn on! And not just that, when you’re in the act, let him know what you like. Better still, take charge and tell him how you like it. And don’t be shy to groan or scream with pleasure. It’s such an ego boost for men to know just how fabulously they’re satisfying their woman. 9 sex tips

10. Touch yourself

He’s only ever felt you touching him. But truth be told, to see a woman touching herself is just so irresistible for men. And what’s even sexier? Handcuff him so he can only see but not touch you. Treat him to the visual pleasure of you slowly tracing each and every part of your body. He’ll be fighting those hands free before you know it! 

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