10 Foolproof Ways To Avoid That Post-Shaadi Weight Gain!

10 Foolproof Ways To Avoid That Post-Shaadi Weight Gain!
The wedding celebrations are done with and you looked ravishing through them all. Now, it is time to start this new chapter of your life on a happy and healthy note. Sure, you may not have the same enthusiasm to workout as you did before the wedding, but that’s no reason to slack off and let your efforts directed toward weight loss in the pre-wedding period go to waste. Here are some useful tips that could help you avoid weight gain after marriage!  

1. Cook healthy meals

Learning to cook can go a long way in helping you stay healthy. The ingredients are in your control so you know that only the best is going into your food. Plus, you get to try out new variations and customise dishes to your liking. Opt for healthy cooking methods like baking, steaming, roasting and air frying.

2. Avoid eating out too often

2 avoid weight gain after marriage Sure, romantic dinners may be a tempting, but exploring other ideas for your dates would do you more good, health wise. Use your together time to cultivate mutual interests and hobbies that don’t involve food.

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3. Keep your fridge stocked

Be wise about your grocery shopping and start by shopping healthy so that you end up eating healthy. Replace run of the mill snacks like chips and drinks like cola, with more natural alternatives like fresh fruits, juices and baked crisps. Make sure your fridge is well stocked so that you aren’t tempted to order in unhealthy munchies when you and your hubby decide to have a midnight feast.

4. Be consistent with your workouts

4 avoid weight gain after marriage This one is a given, whether you’re married or not. Consistency is the key to gaining any significant results from your workouts. Sporadic workouts may not help you at all. Low intensity, regular workouts show good results.  Even if you only have 20 minutes a day, try incorporating less demanding workout options like running a flight of stairs or taking a quick stroll around the block during your lunch hour, to help you stay fit.

5. Don’t over-workout right before your wedding

It may be tempting to push yourself to lose those last few pounds right before your wedding, but it could end up doing you more harm than good. Remember, consistency is always the key to results that last!

6. Portion control

6 avoid weight gain after marriage How much of what you eat is as important as what you’re eating. Too much of a good thing may also be bad so watch your portions so that your efforts to eat healthy don’t backfire! While many relatives will try to feed you laddoos and whatnot, just take a tiny bite and leave the rest of the mithai, we say.

7. Couples workout sessions

Exercise is not just for losing weight but for keeping fit. Consider opting for workout classes or hitting the gym or going for a run together to help motivate each other and stay on track with your fitness goals. You may end up finding an activity that could have a permanent place in your routine as a couple!

8. Prioritise your workouts

8 avoid weight gain after marriage Sleeping in or just lounging around with your better half may seem like a great way to spend the day. But don’t be a slob and get moving. Drag your hubby with you if you have to, but make sure you don’t skip your workouts. Schedule workouts into your planner and set reminders so that it never slips your mind. It’s not just about your weight, it about your health, remember?

9. Don’t skimp on sleep

Partying and staying up late for endless amounts of time will certainly not help your health or your looks. Even though post-shaadi dinner invites might mess up your routine, make your sleep a priority and clock in your 8 hours to ensure your workout efforts don’t go to waste. When you are sleep deprived, you tend to eat more and gain more weight. Let your body rest and recuperate from your workouts and you’ll wake up feeling leaner and less hungry.

10. Update your workout options

10 avoid weight gain after marriage Try out trendy new workouts to keep things fresh and interesting. Each new workout is a new challenge for your body and since your body takes time to adapt to a certain routine, you’ll end up seeing better results faster. There can be so many interesting workouts and that you two newlyweds can actually do together! Internal Images: Shutterstock