Sunday Shorts: 3 Tiny Tales About Steamy *Breakup* Sex!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tiny Tales About Steamy *Breakup* Sex!

1. Summer Romance

That summer when I met him, was the best of my life. He was my grandparent’s neighbour’s son and I was visiting them during a long office break. Needless to say, we met and hit it off immediately! There is not much to do in a small town, you see. We were young and wild. Sneaking up to the roof for some hot chocolate and make-out sessions. Everything was so exciting that we didn't even realize when my last day approached. We were sad, of course, but had decided not to give long distance a chance and ruin what we had.

But the moment I reached the airport to take my flight, something within me stirred, I couldn’t leave...not just yet. Taking a taxi back and changing my flight to the next morning I texted him to meet me at our usual hangout spot. The minute I saw him, it was like time decided to stop for a while. I threw my arms around him as he pulled me by my waist and our lips met halfway. Before we knew it, we were naked in his car, trying to hold on to everything we could - each other and that moment. It was hot, sweaty and totally the best sex I’ve ever had!

I left the next morning and we kept our promise of not giving long distance a shot. But every now and then, I go back to that last time with him and smile. It didn’t matter that it was the last time we met, it just mattered that it was the best memory we have of each other!

1 break up sex

2. Bottled Up Emotions

He was getting married to another girl his mother had 'selected' for him, and I was taking a break from the dating life since I wasn't ready to get married yet. Deep down, we still felt strongly for each other. More than lovers, we were best friends.

A week before the wedding, I got a call from him to meet him for a cup of coffee. I was hesitant at first, but my heart gave in eventually. We spoke for hours, coffee then turned to drinks, and after that, we decided to catch a late night movie. After the movie, he dropped me home, but my emotions got the better of me and I cupped his face and kissed him passionately before I left. As I turned to walk away, he caught a hold of my wrist and pulled me back. Soon I was guiding him to my bed and we were wrapped up in each other's arms till the break of dawn. It was only after we woke up did we make sense of the situation. That night we realized two things. Firstly, that life will never be the same and secondly, it was time to move on to life's next chapter.

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3. Bonus Night

Distance had somehow become stronger than the love we shared. So there we stood, in my bedroom as he told me that it was over.

"What about our bonus night?" I asked.

"Bonus night?" He sounded confused.

"You know, like Rachel and Ross. After breaking up, getting together for one night... Just sex. Nothing else. Break up sex!" I said staring right into him through his eyes.

Without saying another word he came close to me, pulled me closer by my waist and kissed me.

That night as the moon dissolved into its bleakest form, we dissolved into each other's arms... The next morning, we wouldn't be together. But for those few hours, everything seemed unmoved and perfect.

3 break up sex

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