15 Naughty Things To Add To Your Sex Bucket List!

15 Naughty Things To Add To Your Sex Bucket List!

To make your bedroom life more exciting, we’ve got a bucket list of all the sexy things you need to tick off with your partner. These are going to boost up your sex life and give you both an experience you would never forget. So, tick the ones you have already done and for those that you haven’t done yet, make use of the next opportunity to tick them off too! Here’s the sex desire bucket list you absolutely must tick off!

1. Skinny dipping

The next time you find the two of you close to a water body, ditch the swimsuits and go skinny dipping together. The water and the naughtiness would be a thrilling experience for both of you.

1 sex bucket list

2. Sex on a plane

Okay maybe not a sex desire, but at least a make out session 30,000 ft. in the sky would be fun right?

3. Sex in front of a mirror

In the beginning, you might be conscious. Start by standing in front of a mirror and kissing each other. Keep the lights dim and you will soon find yourself getting rid of your inhibitions.

3 sex bucket list

4. Using handcuffs

Get some inspiration from the film Fifty Shades of Grey! Handcuff him to the headboard of the bed and take charge in this passionate sex desire!

5. Roleplay

Fulfil each other’s role play fantasies by dressing up as their favourite character.

5 sex bucket list

6. A dirty weekend trip

Plan a trip just to have sex with each other! Pack your bags and leave your house with a promise to dedicate the two days with each other in bed.

7. Sex on the beach

We’ve seen such sex desires happen so often in movies, so why not try it too?7 sex bucket list

8. Some fun games

Why not play some strip poker? After all, the only thing you would lose here are just a few items of clothing.

9. Shower sex

Be a little careful while you try this one as it isn’t as easy as shown in the movies. But this sex desire definitely worth the risk! 9 sex bucket list

10. Food in bed

How about some chocolate, strawberries or whipped cream on each other’s body?

11. Sex in the house

Leave the comfort of your bed and explore other parts of the house. Make full use of the house and have sex on the dining table, the kitchen slab or even the balcony! Oooh yeah! 11 sex bucket list

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12. Trying position 69

This is a tough position and would not be comfortable in the first go but is a must for every couple to try once as an oral sex desire!

13. Drunk sex

It’s a crazy and fun way to make love to each other. All you need is a bottle of wine to get started!

13 sex bucket list

14. Lingerie shopping together

Take your partner with you the next time you plan to buy lingerie. Call him inside the changing room for his opinion and make full use of the cubicle for this naughty sex desire. *Wink*

15. Silent sex

No more talking! You can either tie a handkerchief around each other’s mouth or just refrain from talking. No moans, no sounds of pleasure. Just listen to each other’s bodies in rhythm and enjoy the thrill!15 sex bucket list GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr