10 Slightly Awkward Sex Questions Every Bride Has - Answered!

10 Slightly Awkward Sex Questions Every Bride Has - Answered!
Your sex life hits a whole new high once you get married. And a lot of brides-to-be have more than just a few doubts and questions that they struggle to find answers for. After all, who do you even ask such embarrassing questions?! Not everyone has a bestie who’s a sexpert! So, to make sure that you’re inhibition free by your wedding night, we’ve got you answers to 10 not-the-usual but still extremely important questions about sex.  

1. I’ve heard of instances where the vagina makes this weird fart sound during sex! How can I prevent that?

Well, the fart-like sound is referred to as ‘queef’ and honestly, you can’t do much about it. Queefing is a natural phenomenon that occurs when air gets trapped in your vagina. The in and out thrusting motion of the penis traps air and causes the sound. While it may just be embarrassing but it’s also totally natural and you’ve just got to go with it!

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2. Is it possible to pee during sex?

Not really! You may feel the urge to pee but it’s highly unlikely that you actually pee. In fact, the urge to pee only means that your G-spot is being hit the right way. Having said that, a little bit of fluid discharge is possible if your bladder is really full so just try relieving yourself before you get into the act.

3. What if he wants to go down on me?

Lucky you! It’s totally normal for a man to go down on you and trust us, it feels sooo good. Don’t be afraid of oral sex as it can be extremely pleasurable. But yes, your vaginal hygiene is extremely important. Always make sure to wash your vagina before and after the act. Also, every vagina has its own scent so don’t worry about smelling down there.

4. What if the condom comes off inside me?!

Ok ladies, there is just no need to panic! It’s totally common for a condom to slip off inside the vagina. And it’s pretty simple to just slide it out, so you don’t have to worry about it going in too deep. Just make sure that you retrieve it without spilling anything. Also, consult your gynaecologist to avoid any unplanned pregnancy.

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5. How long should sex really last?

Now that depends from couple to couple and there is no fixed time frame for sex! It’s all about the two of you feeling satisfied…and that could take 5 mins to even upto an hour. We suggest, don’t set yourself a time limit but do indulge in lots of foreplay for the best sex ever!

6. Is it possible to get too wet during sex?

Lubrication is just so essential for sex and it’s only good that you’re getting wet. If you do notice a sudden increase, it could be because you’re ovulating or you’ve just started or stopped taking the birth control pill. Also, your vagina gets wet when you’re aroused and that certainly doesn’t sound like a problem!

7. Will lots of sex stretch my vagina?

The vagina is created to expand and contract during intercourse. So even if you’re getting a lot of sex, it won’t stretch the vaginal walls permanently. The vagina is extremely elastic and will definitely return to it’s usual size after the session.

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8. Will I get pregnant with oral sex?

Nope. Not happening! In order for you to get pregnant, the sperm needs to enter your body through your vagina and nowhere else. So no, oral sex can in no way make you pregnant. But yes, oral sex can sometimes lead to infections so do make sure you’re following a hygiene routine before indulging in the act.

9. I’ve heard of curved penises? What does that mean?

Just like every vagina is different from the other, penises too come in various shapes and sizes. And a curved penis is just one of them. They tend to curve upwards or sideways when erect and this in no way is going to interfere with the kind of sex you have. But yes, if you notice a sudden curve or if either of you are experiencing pain due to it, do see your doctor.

10. What if he’s too small? Or big?

We’re sure you’ve heard it time and again and it’s true - size doesn’t always matter. The vagina is designed in a way that you don’t need more than two inches of penetration to hit you at all the right spots. And yup, if he’s too big, you may want to use a lubricant. Also, try the girl on top position as it gives you all the control to lower yourself slowly.

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Now that we’ve briefly answered your slightly awkward sex queries, we suggest you visit your doctor for regular checkups just in case you notice anything out of the ordinary.

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