10 Things No Guy Will Tell You... About His Penis!

10 Things No Guy Will Tell You... About His Penis!
If you think you know everything you need to about your man’s ‘little guy’ then think again! We’ve got some interesting stuff that you probably had no idea about and that your guy will definitely not tell you. So get your popcorn ready, and read these 10 things to know about his penis that no guy will probably tell you!

1. His penis is a different colour from the rest of his body

Yup, pigmentation is a real thing, ladies and it’s absolutely normal. So don’t fret about it, especially because it can be pretty embarrassing to your guy if you do. It could be because of several reasons and none of them are serious - so relax and don’t say we didn’t give you ‘fair’ warning! *Wink*

1 things to know about his penis

2. How often he gets a boner

And in how many uncomfortable situations! We definitely don’t want to be men when turned on, do we?

3. His shoe size is not equal to his penis size

It’s a myth! While guys might not do anything to debunk this, we should stop judging a man by his shoe size because there is absolutely no connection whatsoever.

3 things to know about his penis

4. The area around his penis is super sensitive

It’s not just the penis but the area around it is super-duper sensitive. This is also an erogenous zone, so touch it but ever so lightly!

5. It bends a little to the left

Umm, yeah. It isn’t always visible to the naked eye so you might not even realize but his penis might be slightly more inclined towards the left when it's erect. Why? Because women are always right...just kidding!

5 things to know about his penis

6. How long it truly is

It’s like asking a woman her weight...you’ll never know what it truly is until you measure it yourself. Which might be either really awkward or really funny!

7. It’s almost like a clitoris

When in the womb, all fetuses have similar genitalia before the male sex hormones kick in. And therefore, the nerve endings in a woman’s clitoris and a man’s penis are actually quite similar! Mindblown, right?

7 things to know about his penis

8. Where it has been or...hasn’t!

Hmm, well, all we’re saying is that you might know his number but most guys won't over-share with names here. And that's probably for the best, ladies!

9. It’s super flexible!

Oh yeah, it’s much more flexible than what you’d imagine. In fact, a study by University of Stanford revealed that the penis takes a boomerang shape when inside a woman. Bizarre, isn’t it?

9 things to know about his penis

10. But it can break!

However, there is a chance that his penis might break. Again, there is no bone that breaks. It can actually be a fracture on the outermost penile tissue which can occur due to several reasons including vigorous sex.

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