10 Awesome Tips To Keep In Mind For When You Go Street Shopping

10 Awesome Tips To Keep In Mind For When You Go Street Shopping

Don’t we all love shopping? While going to the mall and buying things seems like an easier option, it may not always be feasible considering the amount of money it costs! So we are here with some great street shopping tips for you, which will not only help you save money but will also help you get the best of those awesome local markets! Happy shopping, ladies!

1. DON’T Be An Early Bird If You Are On A Budget

While in most cases, being an early bird is an advantage, not so much here. If you reach early, you will definitely get the best products, but not the best price. The shopkeeper might not be ready to bargain with you because he might get a better price later in the day. 1 street shopping tips

2. Carry Change

No doubt debit cards are very convenient, one swipe and it’s done. But obviously they are not an option while street shopping and you need to carry cash. But you must definitely carry your cash in as much change as possible when shopping from local markets. Otherwise there are high chances that you might lose out on the bargained price just because of unavailability of change. Here’s an example: suppose you bargained for a top and the shopkeeper agreed on 70 bucks. Deal settled, but oops, you realize that you don’t have change. So, you pay him a hundred bucks, and he doesn’t have change too. So the situation is, you can’t go running looking for change - and he obviously won’t. So you either end up not buying the top, or you pay an extra 30 because you’re not carrying any change! Moral of the story? Always carry change while shopping!

3. Look For Loopholes...Literally!

Most of the products in local markets are export rejects. So make sure you check every edge, corner, stitch details, sequin issues and also patterns while buying anything.   A few tips: a) If you really come across something that is sturdy and cheap, but needs a little work, (e.g., fixing a broken button), don’t give up on it. Such minor issues can be fixed easily. b) Love something too much, but it’s not your size? We suggest you buy it and let your neighbourhood darzee come to your rescue. Just make sure that the shoulders and armholes fit you, as they are a little difficult to fix, and the alteration cost might exceed the price of the product! :P

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4. Excited? Keep It To Yourself!

Spotted a pretty floral dress and can’t wait to buy it? Well, we suggest you the ask butterflies in your stomach to relax a bit and concentrate on bargaining instead. Yes, girls, if you seem too excited about buying a product, the shopkeeper would never consider lowering the price much and you might lose out on a great deal. So, make sure you appear calm and composed. After all, cheapest buys will make you the happiest! 4 street shopping tips

5. Not Sure About Buying Something? Don’t...

If you are not sure about buying something, it’s advisable to not waste your and the shopkeeper’s time bargaining for it. The rule is simple: if you are not thrilled about buying something, don’t buy it.

6. Carry A Big Bag

… Because carrying all those beautiful dresses in a white polybag would be a shame. Okay, no, just kidding. But the polybags are really weak and they might just ditch you midway. Always carry a tote or a big bag when you’re going shopping so that you can keep all those small bags in it and move around with free hands.

7. Happy Feet = Productive Shopping!

Productive shopping is directly proportional to how happy your feet are. Didn’t get it? Well, imagine running around the streets looking for amazing things to shop, wearing footwear that leaves you with shoe bites and tired feet. Already feeling the pain, right? Shopping can be a really tiring process, but it doesn’t have to be a painful one. So we strongly recommend wearing your most comfy pair to make your entire street shopping experience a happy one. 7 street shopping tips

8. Bargain, Bargain, Bargain!

Yes, ladies, bargaining is the key to great street shopping. Start from as low as a hundred bucks and move up gradually till both of you agree on a common price. And trust us, you really need not feel embarrassed about bargaining as the shopkeepers are well aware of the fact that you want to. Frequently, they even quote a selling price a lot higher than they are willing to accept. So just keep calm and bargain on!

9. Dig Till The Bottom

You might find your best buys often hidden under the pile of clothes. Street stores are often loaded with a lot of clothes. So we advise you to dig till the bottom of all the piles until you’re sure nothing fabulous will come up. Who knows, you might get your favourite dress hidden under those ugly clothes?

10. Go Through The Entire Market Twice

Because you will definitely find a lot of things you missed! 10 street shopping tips GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr