How To Feel Less Nervous… While Talking ‘Dirty’ To Him!

How To Feel Less Nervous… While Talking ‘Dirty’ To Him!

Do you find yourself mumbling jumbled words when it comes to talking dirty with him? Yes, we know, it’s no easy task. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out! We have already given you some inspiration about what you can whisper in his ears to heat things up. Now we give you 10 tips on how to talk dirty with him the right way!

1. It’s not scary

We know what you are thinking - what is this scary thing that you absolutely have to do? First things first, don’t consider it as a traumatizing experience. Talking dirty can actually give you a confidence boost and is something that, trust us, you will start liking once you truly let your inhibitions go. So take a deep breath and let’s begin!

2. Timing is important

One of the major concerns when you are trying to talk dirty is what your partner’s reaction would be. You dread it. What if he doesn’t like it? Doesn’t understand? To make sure that he truly gets what you are saying you need to get the timing right - especially when it's on the phone or text. You shouldn’t start dirty talking in the middle of a workday or when he is with his family. Do it when he is free and has time to focus on what you two are about to start discussing. The same goes for you as well, don’t dirty talk when you are busy, take proper time out to do this. 2 how to talk dirty

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3. Keep the tone light

Just because the idea of doing it sounds intense doesn’t mean it has to be that way. Keep it light and sexy. You are allowed to giggle and laugh in between, even at the silly things you say. It doesn’t all have to be a serious affair.

4. Talk to the mirror

Start practicing by talking to yourself in the mirror. Remember being advised to do so before any public speaking session? Yup, that was for a reason. The more you build your confidence, the more it will help you sound sexy in the moment. 4 how to talk dirty

5. Start with saying what you feel

Begin by expressing your feelings. If you like something then tell him, say it out loud. It can be ‘I like it when you touch me here’ or ‘Do that again, it gets me so hot!’ Say things that you mean, don’t begin it with a lie.

6. Use the keywords

There are some words that could be your cheat codes when it comes to talking dirty. Like, ‘I want it SO bad’ or just add ‘faster/ harder’ to any sentence to make it sound just a bit more sexy. Or if words fail you then say it in a whisper with a few moans for effect. No matter what you say, it will sound sexy if you say it like that! 6 how to talk dirty

7. There is no need to be extremely bold

Don’t think talking dirty is something only those bold women who are extremely comfortable with their bodies can do. You don’t need to go all out the first time you start talking dirty with your partner. Sexy is a state of mind, ladies, let it flow naturally.

8. Use your imagination

Your imagination is what will truly drive your dirty talks. It’s not necessary that you have to imagine only your boyfriend when you do this. Even while practicing, it's okay to imagine yourself with maybe a celebrity crush! Say things the way you would say to them, slowly and sensually. 8 how to talk dirty

9. Trash talking is not always dirty talking

There is a difference between trash talking and dirty talking. Trash talking as a way of dirty talk works only if both you and your partner enjoy it. If you don’t, then keep it as far away from the bedroom as possible.

10. Take one step at a time

Don’t rush it! You won’t get it right in the first go. It will be funny and maybe even embarrassing but just don’t overthink it. Don’t shy away from giving it a shot again and then again because someday you will pull it off just the way you want to. 10 how to talk dirty Go ahead, we believe in the sexy seductress within you! GIFs: GiphyTumblr