Confessions Of A Girl Who Had Sex In A Car... And Liked It!

Confessions Of A Girl Who Had Sex In A Car... And Liked It!
Girls talk about sex more than most people would believe. When we are with our besties, we talk about it, though we may not boast about our ‘conquests’ the way men do.

And it was during one such conversation with my besties that the topic of ‘places I like having sex’ came up. My besties were a little taken aback when I mentioned a car. ‘But, there isn’t enough space,’ observed one; ‘How can you be comfortable out in the open?’ protested another while the third one remarked, ‘Okay, I get it, sometimes in the heat of the moment you just do it. But how can you like having sex in a car?’

To tell you the truth, I had never given much thought to it till that moment when these girls, the three people in the world who knew me the best came up with such observations. I have had sex in a car many times, and with more than one guy – not at the same time, of course. I guess I like the spontaneity; that is how it all started.

One Friday night, while my then boyfriend was driving me home around midnight things just happened. We were having a normal conversation and I really felt like kissing him, so I told him to stop the car... And let’s just say that things didn’t just end with a kiss. We did struggle a little while managing things in a rather constrained space but it was one of the best sex we’d had. A couple of days later, we tried again and this time we took over the backseat.

The lack of space and the absence of enough flat surfaces make things more interesting. There will be awkward moments when your leg will be in a weird position or he will bump his head somewhere and you two’ll laugh holding each other. There will be those moments of frustration as you two struggle to find a comfortable enough position but just can’t get it right. And often you will become overambitious and decide to try something different within that already constrained space and fail miserably. Having sex in a car, no matter how often you do it, will never be routine… The extra effort you two have to put in makes it exciting. And I guess that is what appeals to me.

Internal sex in a car

Now to the things I have learnt, besides having sex with half my clothes on. The driver’s seat is the last place you should opt for…too many things around. If you decide to move to the backseat or if the one who’s driving wants to move to the passenger seat, try not to do so from inside the car. I have torn my favourite skirt, got my shin bruised while my boyfriend has hurt his head and knee because we both were too lazy to get out of the car to change seats. And yes, couples who enjoy the girl-on-top position have to try it in a car…trust me.  

As for the chances of being spotted, well…the fear of being seen will always be there at the back of your mind but with time you will get smarter at finding the right spot. Touchwood, I never had to face such a situation, but the thrill adds to the charm of having sex in a car!

Everybody knows that when it comes to your sex life, trying new things and getting in sync with your partner is the best way to keep it alive. And I have discovered that both of these are there when you do it in a car. I am not trying to say that this is the only way to have awesome sex; we all have our favourite spots. All I am saying is, it is totally worth a shot!

And yes, you don’t just face the other way and go to sleep when you are done. The drive afterwards is a bonus.

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