11 *Boob* Facts That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind!

11 *Boob* Facts That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind!
Boobs are absolutely spectacular! We’re not kidding, if you consider them just another body part, then you’d be surprised at the number of things you don’t know about your boobs! Still think we are joking? Check out these 11 stunning boob facts that will absolutely blow your mind!

1. There are 8 different kinds of nipples!

There’s bumpy, protruding, flat, puffy, hairy, inverted, unilateral inverted and supernumerary. And guess what? All of them are absolutely normal!

2. They weigh quite a bit!

Your boobs can weigh upto 3-4 kilos and contain around 4-5% of your body’s fat. Yikes, bet you didn't know this, did you?

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3. Breast size fluctuates every month!

You know that time of the month when everything goes dark? Yeah, your boobs change in size around that time too. They swell up because of all the hormones your body is producing and can grow upto a size bigger. Don’t worry, though, they’ll be back to normal in no time!

4. The shape of your breasts can change

Sleeping with your face down on your bed can actually alter your breast shape. And the best way to sleep to keep your boobs as they are is to sleep on your side!

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5. Breastfeeding is pretty awesome!

We know the concept of breastfeeding can seem a bit scary but in real life, but it’s pretty awesome. Breastfeeding helps you lose the baby fat, lowers your risk of heart disease and cancer and even changes the way your brain works, kicking in all those maternal instincts. Talk about benefits, huh?

6. There is a glass shaped after Kate Moss’ breast

At London’s 34 restaurant, there is actually a glass shaped after Kate Moss’ left breast. That is one famous boob, we must say!

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7. Your breasts are not identical

Your breasts, almost always, are not identical. One boob could be bigger than another and that is absolutely normal. So yeah, it’s probably safe to say they are not twinning any more!

8. There is a world’s largest breast size!

The largest bra cup size is not DD, but actually L and the smallest is AAA. A woman named Annie Hawkins Turner has the world’s largest natural breasts which would need a size 48V bra but since it is not manufactured she wears a 52L bra.

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9. Breasts have their own breakouts!

Just like our face, breasts also have their T-Zone. The area above and in between the breasts is full of oil glands making it easy to have breakouts like blackheads and pimples.

10. Nipple stimulation is real and here!

Nipple stimulation is probably right up there on top when it comes to best ways to turn on a woman. Yes, men, take note. Nipple stimulation is real and it’s here to stay because some women can achieve an orgasm through nipple stimulation alone! Impressive, huh?

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11. Approximately 4 million bras are produced daily

And here we were worrying about choices!

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