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How To Look Super Stylish In Boring Old Winter Clothes!

How To Look Super Stylish In Boring Old Winter Clothes!

Winter is coming and as much as we may be dreading the temperature drop, we’re excited to take out our woolens and step out in style without sweating! But sometimes winter clothes look too drab if you don’t dress them up the right way. So here we are again, to solve all your winter wear problems! Here are 10 tips on how to look stylish in winters and step out in style!

1. The Colour Theory

1 how to look stylish in winters According to the colour theory, colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel look great together. Similarly analogous colours, that is, colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, also complement each other! Always keep these simple colour tricks in mind for any of the following points and you won’t ever go wrong with the basics.

2. Layer Up Like A Boss!

2 how to look stylish in winters Isn’t that what we love winters for? Unlike summers, layering in winters won’t leave you sweaty. Depending on what you choose to wear, layering can add tons of colour and style to your winter look! Classic layering pieces like a pullover on top of a button down shirt with a muffler and trousers are sure to never fail. But you must experiment with other styles too. Try wearing a pleated skirt with a sweater and put on an overcoat over it. We’re sure you would be a head turner in the crowd! ;)

3. Leather Is Your New Friend

3 how to look stylish in winters
Other than the fact that leather will keep you super warm, it’ll also add oodles of style and class to your look without trying. A leather jacket is a winter essential every girl swears by. But we suggest you to experiment with leather skirts and pants as well! Wear a button down shirt and team it with a pullover or a turtleneck sweater and a leather skirt and you’re all set to nail the style.

4. Put A Belt On It

4 how to look stylish in winters Either you can opt for trench coats that come with a belt or you could try experimenting a bit and wear a belt over your usual overcoat for an edgy look. Experiment with different colours for the belt and you’ll see how it adds a pop of colour to your outfit! If you’re going with a bright coloured belt then try to keep the rest of the outfit very neutral. This will draw all the attention to your waistline while making a style statement. Also read: How To Style Your Fav Skirt For The Winter (And Still Be Warm!)

5. Bling All The Way

5 how to look stylish in winters
Decorate your turtlenecks and add a dash of bling to your winter wear. Wearing a necklace over your turtleneck top can make your outfit go from drab to fab in just seconds! So go ahead and invest in those chunky necklaces and dainty pendants to glam up your everyday look.

6. Accessorize To Stay Warm

6 how to look stylish in winters Winter accessories go far beyond necklaces and bracelets. Yes, we’re talking about mufflers, stoles and scarves! Not only do they keep you warm, but they also add so much colour and cuteness to your attire. You can even get one in a super quirky print to notch up a boring outfit. So next time you’re wondering how to add a touch of glamour to your look, you know what to do.

7. Get Them Boots On!

7 how to look stylish in winters Remember girls, trends may change but smart remains smart! Sneakers may be an in thing this season but boots are a winter essential we’re sure will never go out of style. If you’re in a hurry and don’t know how to make your outfit look more stylish in seconds, just reach out for cute ankle-length booties or fashionable knee-high boots! Like these tan ankle length boots for instance. Don’t you love them?

8. Less Is More

8 how to look stylish in winters
We know they say ‘more the merrier’, but sometimes less is more. If you’re not sure how your layered outfit might turn out, just go for basics that you know won’t go wrong. A plain sweater with jeans and boots is a combination we can vouch for. If you want to add a statement piece to the look, go for oversized sunglasses or a cute tote bag. Also read: 9 Awesome Tips To Make The Most Of Those Diwali Sales!

9. Sweater Weather

9 how to look stylish in winters We all love sweaters, don’t we? The versatile pieces of comfy clothing that they are, we have no reason to not like them! Investing in sweaters is a great idea. They can be paired with almost everything you already have in your wardrobe from skirts to jeans to trousers. Depending on the occasion, put on an overcoat or wear a scarf with your sweater and you’re good to go. A sweater like this mustard yellow one can be worn in so many ways!

10. Add A Beanie

10 how to look stylish in winters
Now that’s not something you didn’t already know. Beanies have a way of making anyone look uber cute! So stock up on a few beanies in cute colours and prints and hide your bad hair days while looking effortlessly cute. You can also add badges and patches to your beanie for a funky look. This uber cute beanie will definitely amp up your style game! Internal images: Shutterstock
Published on Oct 30, 2016
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