#FashionDiaries: Confessions Of A Real Life Shopaholic

#FashionDiaries: Confessions Of A Real Life Shopaholic
I know what you’re thinking, what girl doesn’t love to shop? But can most girls go years without repeating particular outfits? Do they have career goals based on being able to afford their shopping goals? Do they plan holidays not based on exotic locales but the brands they would get for cheaper in that country/ city? Because I definitely do! In fact, every closet, every drawer in my house is brimming with my purchases. Sometimes, I amaze myself by constantly finding space to store a brand new buy. I even took over my sister’s closet after she got married and moved away and, much to her horror, managed to fill it up in no time.

Often I wish there were proper jobs like personal shoppers in India, ‘coz I know that I’d be great at it! Sometimes I think it’s a talent, being able to spot a fake without even touching it or finding a gorgeous dress no one would expect at the bottom of a sale bin.

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But knowing all my card numbers by heart or neurotically tracking online packages till they reach me aren’t particularly great life skills, are they? Though going to the mall with my mom is something I love doing whenever I’m bored, she pretty much lectures and nags me every single time I buy something. She’s always there to remind me that I absolutely do not need anymore shoes or that I already have 8 tops in the colour that I’m eyeing. So much so that, at times, I don’t even show her what I’ve bought just to avoid an inevitable scolding for wasting money again!

Internal Real life shopaholic

But that was before. Now I’m on the brink of getting married! My fiancé is setting up a start-up and is always quick to remind me that he just won’t support me throwing away money on makeup and bags. My mother’s lectures have gotten even more intense about learning to save money. "Imagine what your mother-in-law would think!", is her favourite line. And yes, I am embarrassed! I would never want my mother-in-law to know that I can part with 3 months’ salary for Valentino Rockstud shoes without batting an eyelid. What if she convinces her son to get out before the deal is sealed?!

Oh and the fact that the man I have chosen to marry has closet space that is a fraction of the size I have at home has definitely made me realize I need to make some life changes. Years of begging and cajoling by my parents never worked, who knew all they had to do was make me fall in love with a simple man who’s least favourite thing to do in the world is, you guessed it, shopping!

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Yes, I still have my sights on a Fendi Peekaboo bag as well as Chanel espadrilles, but there’s something about not wanting to spend your life without someone that can help put things in perspective. I can’t change overnight. I still love that euphoric rush when you find something you know you have to buy, but I’m finally making a real conscious effort to tighten those purse strings.

Mr. Hubby-to-be is well aware of my little problem and is proud that I’m trying to control it. Of course he knows that he can’t expect me to change completely and that there will be some mini heart attacks in the future when he goes through our credit card statement. But as long as I’m trying, he's happy. And hey, at least he can be sure that his wife will be the best dressed wherever we go!

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