Compliments men love to hear in bed

Compliments men love to hear in bed

#HeSays: 10 ways how to compliment a guy In Bed!

Yes, ladies, flattery isn't meant just for you! We like to be complimented and appreciated as well - especially in the bedroom! So if you've been wondering how to compliment a guy in bed to turn him on - here are 10 compliments men just totally love to hear! 


1. "I've been waiting for this all week!"

Because knowing that you've been thinking of us - and that too in a naughty way - is a huge boost for our ego. It also makes us feel wanted. It is one of those things men like to hear in bed.


3. "You're so hot!"

If you are thinking hard how to compliment a guy in bed, this one is a bit obvious, right? Of course we love to hear it - we also like to be reminded of exactly how attractive and appealing you find us. 

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3. "Please don't stop, you do that so well!"

Well, those are the words men love to hear in bed.
Our bedroom skills start feeling a bit useless if they don't ignite a response like this from you. No?



4. "I like your butt!"

We have limited parts of our bodies that can actually be complimented… And let's be honest, most of us don't have abs like all those actors you see on TV. So we're actually quite satisfied when you praise our butt - or even our back or arms if we've been working out. Appreciation of their body parts are things men like to hear in bed.


5. "I never want to leave this bed."

This is a testament of how much you love being in bed with us (and not just about how soft the bed is, hopefully) yes, thinking of words men love to hear in bed, we enjoy this one quite a bit. Pat on the back for us!


6. "Again? Already?"

Success level: infinity! If we're ready for round two earlier than you could have expected us to be… We kind of consider that a huge compliment to our, let's say, stamina. 


7. "You're so big!"

The classic, age-old compliment. You might or might not think that size matters, but it does to us. And these simple words can make a whole world of a difference to our confidence levels in bed. Honestly! Definitely the words men love to hear in bed.


8. "I love your hands...on me."

So simple, but so perfect. A perfectly innocent compliment that says a lot about the intimacy we share. And we're pretty sure you won’t feel embarrassed at all about giving us this one. 

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9. "I don't think I can move."

Preferably said after sex, though. This one is a bit indirect, but also like the sexier version of "You make me weak in the knees." Know what we mean? 



10. An orgasm!

The ultimate. No words required - just you having an orgasm. You might wonder how this would make us feel great, but it's actually quite simple - we take credit for it, so it's something we're definitely proud about! 

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