Sunday Shorts: 3 Steamy Tales About Seduction...

Sunday Shorts: 3 Steamy Tales About Seduction...

1. The Shy Surprise

I had just moved out of town for further studies and me and my boyfriend were struggling with long-distance. On my birthday he decided to fly down to meet me. I was super excited but also a little scared about how it would feel like being with him after so many months. After talking to my friends I decided I wanted to make this visit special for the both of us.

I decorated my room with fairy lights and scented candles and right before he was about to reach, I left the door of my house slightly ajar and stood in the center of the room, wearing nothing but a thin, see through robe. Initially, I felt shy standing there awkwardly but when I saw him at the door smiling at what he saw in front of him, all my inhibitions disappeared. I sexily strutted towards him and coiled my right leg around him, letting him know the urgency growing inside my body, my lips closed down on his in a slow and deep motion as I placed my hands on his hips. He too, didn’t hesitate to grab me closer by my waist, and in that moment, months of distance between us melted away.

As we lay tangled in sheets, next to each other’s warm bodies he said “I love you, you know? This has been the best surprise ever!” As for me, I had just opened the gates to the art of seduction.

1 tales about seduction

2. A Night To Remember

As his lips touched mine, his hands moved up my lacy little black dress, trying to unzip it.

"You won't undress me tonight. You will watch me, as I do it." I whispered in his ear, and pushed him away on the bed. As he lay there watching me stand up on his bed, with my back to him… I danced and slowly unzipped my dress and let it dangle around my half-naked body, seducing and inviting him...

It was too much temptation for him, and in the very next moment, he had me against the wall, pressing his body against mine, kissing me with a passion I didn't know existed between us.

A little help from me was all it took to make that a night to remember.

2 tales about seduction

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3. The Wild Tigress In The Bedroom

When it came to experimenting between the sheets, I always played it safe as I was very shy. I decided for our anniversary, I was going to spice things up. After bringing in our night by popping the champagne and eating some lip-smacking starters, I whispered into his ears that there was a present for him in the bedroom - but, he was only allowed to open it once all our guests had left.

As soon as that happened, he headed to our room and quickly unwrapped the present. It was a black satin cloth and a metallic pair of handcuffs. Knowing how shy I was to try new things in bed, he never expected to see me switch from a kitten to a wild tigress in a jiffy. I carefully blindfolded him, turned on some soft music, and tied his hands to the back of the chair. I slowly sucked his earlobes and planted soft kisses all over his neck and chest. I gently moved my hips against his and gave him a lap dance. He moaned softly after every touch and kiss. He then leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. Never have I been kissed with so much passion and intensity.

3 tales about seduction

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