7 Things Guys Should Stop Doing When Going Down On A Girl!

7 Things Guys Should Stop Doing When Going Down On A Girl!
Hey, we like a guy going down on us as much as the next girl. And we don't mean to make the experience too scripted, but every girl has got to accept that there are some things that guys should really stop doing while they're down there. So here are a few of them!

1. Ignoring the clit

Many men don't really understand exactly how big a role that tiny little clit plays in a woman's pleasure. And that's the biggest mistake!

2. Skipping the foreplay

Yes, oral sex is suppose to be very pleasurable for women. But that doesn't mean we can just jump right to it! We still need a little bit of foreplay to get us totally turned on.

2 oral sex mistakes guys make

3. Doing what they think we like

No matter how much experience a guy has, every new woman is still going to like oral sex in a different way. We all have our quirks and like different things done to us - just like during sex. So when guys assume they know what you want? No fun!

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4. Too rough, too soon

We know what happens in porn - but if we want you to reenact a scene, we'll tell you! Until then though, don't go all jack-hammering and maybe stick to using enough lubrication and doing the standard things you know we like.

4 oral sex mistakes guys make

5. Stopping at the wrong time

This is close to the worst thing ever. Sometimes, guys can't exactly determine that you're at the tipping point and just stop. Some seriously wrong timing, guys really need to be more intuitive when it comes to this!

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6. Lack of exploring

In case they do manage to find the clit, we just wish they don't go focusing JUST on it! Oral sex isn't only about that. Exploring the surrounding areas, gripping our thighs occasionally, blowing some hot air instead of just licking... A bit of spice when we least expect is amazing!

6 oral sex mistakes guys make

7. Going for gold

Sometimes, second place is just as good as the first. So when guys go hunting for that G-spot every time, all the time? It can have the completely opposite effect on us. Guys need to know when to give up and concentrate on other things that can give just as much pleasure.

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