#HeSays: What Guys Secretly Think About Girls Being On Top!

#HeSays: What Guys Secretly Think About Girls Being On Top!
There are a fair share of guys who love it when a woman is on top and also a fair number of guys who prefer being on top themselves. But there are also those of us who have mixed feelings about it - and we’re more than the other two categories combined. So here’s what most guys think about women being on top!

1. The gorgeous view

One thing we can all agree on: there is no better view than when you’re on top. Seeing you there - on top of us and in all your glory - is quite a marvellous feeling.

2. Seeing you in control

And that confidence! Taking charge of the way you want to have sex and having us at your mercy to do what you like? Whoa.

2 woman on top position

3. But the lack of control

So, obviously seeing you in control means we have to lose some of it. Which is fine by us most of the time, but it does take some getting used to.

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4. The impatience we feel

No, we don’t expect you to hop on us like a pornstar or anything. But we can get seriously agitated when the pace is too slow for our liking. It’s like slow torture.

4 woman on top position

5. The mix and match of it

And then obviously, the solution to it is when we both do a little something - and oh, what a beautiful feeling that is. The perfect combination of absolutely everything great in the world. Not exaggerating, no.

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6. Roaming hands

Best thing about this position? Our hands are totally free to do what we please to your body - or as much of it we can reach at least. Win-win for the both of us.

6 woman on top position

7. The easiest pleasure

Next to you going down on us, this is, quite simply, the best pleasure we can get without putting in any effort at all. And we seriously thank you for that - especially when we’re dead tired and still horny (which happens more often than we would care to admit).

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