#HeSays: 10 Things EVERY Guy Likes In Bed!

#HeSays: 10 Things EVERY Guy Likes In Bed!
Okay, we'll be honest - there aren't many things we don't like in bed. No, seriously, there isn’t much that we can think of. But here are some things that MOST of us would love to get in bed - no matter when or why!

1. Yes, foreplay

You might think we want to just jump to the sex, but foreplay is kind of seriously important for us to be adequately turned on as well.

1 things guys love in bed

2. Something new

Positions, kinks, anything. We love trying new things is bed - and learning to ace it too.

3. Oral sex

Um, yeah. The more, the better. There's no such thing as too many blowjobs. You get our drift, right?

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4. A bit of wildness

Sure, we like to have sweet, loving sex…occasionally. But other times, we like crazy, wild sex too. Sex like we daydream about sometimes. Sex that would instantly turn us on if we think about it even weeks later!

4 things guys love in bed

5. And a few screams

Not the Scary Movie kind, no. We mean your screams of pleasure, obviously. It just tells us we're doing something awesome and it's like an invisible pat on the back.

6. Staying safe

We like safe sex, and we like it even more when you show interest in making sure of it. And just in case we run out of condoms one day and you have it covered? BEST.

7. To basically rock your world

Orgasms and multiple orgasms for you! We know this show isn't just about our pleasure - and that moment when we know exactly what to do to rock your world? It’s the best prize ever.

7 things guys love in bed

8. Someone to match our enthusiasm

Well, having a partner in bed is good. Having a partner who feels as much enthusiasm for the activities we want to perform in said bed? Now, that is GREAT.

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9. Food after sex

We know eating in bed can be messy. But honestly? We don't really care about a few crumbs on the comforter if we get to eat some yummy food post sex in bed. Really, that's the dream.

10. Sleep after food (after sex)

Well, there really isn't anything better than the "sex - food - sleep - repeat" cycle. You HAVE to agree with us on this one, right?!

10 things guys love in bed

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