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What To Do If He Accidentally Finishes Inside You During Sex

What To Do If He Accidentally Finishes Inside You During Sex
It is essential to practice safe sex - whether it's with your partner or someone else! But even those of us who take the necessary precautions can sometimes have an accident - and so, it's important to know what to do if your partner "finishes inside you" by mistake. Read on to find a few helpful tips and don't panic - it's important to remember that this will not necessarily result in an unplanned pregnancy and there are things you can do!

1. The Morning After...

1 guy finishes inside you

There are a variety of morning after pills that can be used as emergency contraceptives - it is important to remember that these should not be used as regular methods of birth control. Head down to your local chemist to find out about about the I-pill.

2. Talk To Him...

You need to let your partner know that what he did is not okay. Even if you two are in a committed relationship, he has no right to finish inside you (unless it is something you two have talked about and are prepared for the consequences).

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3. Birth Control...

3 guy finishes inside you

Even if you two have decided that you two are not using condoms, there are other methods of birth control available - such as monthly contraceptive pills, an implant, the patch, etc. Remember, though, condoms happen to the only method of contraception that also protect against STDs.

4. Stock Up On Your Own Stash...

Him saying, "I don't have a condom" shouldn't be a reason for you two to: a) have to forego sex; and b) have to risk him finishing inside you. Why not stock up on some condoms and keep them somewhere at home? This way you know that you are always prepared!

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5. Go To The Gynae!

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If you have gone past the "3 day" period during which you can take the morning after pill, then why not make an appointment with a trusted gynecologist? You can get any concerns off your mind and also ask him/ her about methods of contraception.

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