#HeSays: 7 Thoughts A Guy Has When He Sees His Girlfriend Naked!

#HeSays: 7 Thoughts A Guy Has When He Sees His Girlfriend Naked!
You've told us (or at least implied) what you see when you look at yourself naked. But, trust us, it's nowhere close to what we think when we see you without any clothes on. Where you see faults and imperfections, we see only beauty and every little unique mark that makes you "you". Our thoughts go pretty much like this…

1. "Oh. Wow."

No matter how many times we seen you like this, we still can't get over just how amazing you look.

2. "Man, she has gorgeous boobs."

Yes, guilty. We can't ignore your boobs if we tried, and honestly we can't even imagine a day when we would want to try that! So absurd.

2 guys see their girlfriends naked

3. "What was I supposed to be doing?"

No matter how eager we are to get you out of your clothes, it still throws us off a bit. For a second (or a minute) we just can't seem to remember what we are supposed to be doing next.

4. "Do I actually get to touch her?"

Of course, once we remember, a little bit of disbelief creeps into our minds. We see you standing there, waiting for us to stop looking stumped and do something - and all we can wonder is how we managed to get so lucky as to have you all to ourselves?!

4 guys see their girlfriends naked

5. "I feel like a kid again!"

So we've obviously seen naked women before. Not just in real life but on the Internet too. But when we see you, we feel like it's the first time we're seeing a woman in all her glory once again.

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6. "Be cool, dude."

We have to seriously think before saying or doing anything once we see you naked - in case only gibberish comes out of our mouths and our hands start to tremble before even touching you. Constant mental pep talk mode.

6 guys see their girlfriends naked

7. "I need to memorize this view."

Because, seriously, wow. And seeing you naked is definitely not something we take for granted, so we just want to take a moment to memorize every little detail - basically take a mental snapshot of you!

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