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6 *Surprising* Reasons You Might Not Be Having An Orgasm!

6 *Surprising* Reasons You Might Not Be Having An Orgasm!
If you’ve ever had trouble climaxing, you’re definitely not alone, girl. Only about 10% of women orgasm easily. As for the rest, there could be a number of reasons why you’re not getting off as well as you might want to. So here are a few surprising reasons why you may not be having an orgasm easily and how you can deal with it.

1. Sitting For Too Long

1 why you may not be having an orgasm Sitting in one place, like at your desk for long hours can shorten the pelvic muscles which can cause pelvic pain and lead to trouble while orgasming. The best thing to do is make it a point to get up every half an hour, take a short walk and stretch your muscles no matter how busy you are.

2. Drinking Too Much

Alcohol is a depressant for the central nervous system, so don't be surprised if you find it difficult to climax after drinking too much. Also, alcohol dehydrates your body and it’s important to stay hydrated to help you orgasm better. So cut out the cocktails and down some H2O!

3. Wearing High Heels

3 why you may not be having an orgasm We know it sounds bizarre but wearing heels too often isn't good for your pelvis and pelvic floor. It makes the muscles tense and creates contractions in the pelvic floor, which may affect how aroused you get. Flats are your friends!

4. Not Making Noise In Bed

Don’t be shy about being vocal in bed ladies, it can help you reach the edge. If you’re trying to be quiet because you’re self-conscious about how you sound or you’re afraid the neighbors will hear you, you’re lowering your chances of an orgasm. Embrace the full experience and be as vocal as you want to, it can help you orgasm better and for longer. Plus, it’ll definitely help turn him on further too.

5.  Forgetting To Pee In Advance

5 why you may not be having an orgasm Sexual stimulation mixed with the need to pee isn’t such a hot mix. It’s pretty hard to reach orgasm when your bladder is full and you feel like peeing when you should be focused on enjoying yourself. A quick pee break before things get hot and heavy is always a good idea!

6. You’re Too Shy!

You can’t enjoy it unless you’re comfortable and confident in bed. Embrace your sexuality! Take the lead and let go of those inhibitions, make eye contact and let him know what turns you on – don’t worry, he’ll love it. It will make your orgasm more intimate and sensual. Images: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 9 Simple Ways To Have An Amazing Orgasm! MUST-READ: 8 Easy Ways To Make Your Orgasm… BETTER!