#HeSays: 7 Questions Guys Want To Ask Girls About Their Boobs!

#HeSays: 7 Questions Guys Want To Ask Girls About Their Boobs!
Boobs are fascinating. That’s one thing that pretty much every guy would agree on. Which is why we wish to see them all the time, and when we can’t, we settle for just thinking about them. And, during all that thinking, we've come up with some questions we would love to get some answers to…about boobs.

1. Is one supposed to be a bit larger than the other?

We've noticed a little bit of difference, but is that just us?

2. Do they keep growing all your life?

No, seriously. Do they, or does the growth stop around the same time as your height and stuff?

2 questions about boobs

3. How does it really feel to have them?

All the time, right there… Doesn't it start to feel like you're carrying around a backpack the wrong way around all the time? And how do you even manage to run?!

4. Do you secretly stare at them as much as we stare at them?

Because, come on, they're so beautiful! Don't you think so too?  

questions about boobs 4

5. Does touching them yourself feel just like us touching them?

Or is it like a tickle thing, so that doing it to yourself and someone else doing it to you gets completely different results?

6. How sensitive are your nipples, really?  

And does it get really annoying when they get all pokey?

6 questions about boobs

7. Doesn't wearing a bra make you feel suffocated?

We've seen those things, and while we like to see you in lingerie, we can't imagine being strapped into something like that day in and day out. Seriously!

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