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7 Mistakes You Might Be Making While Going Down On Him!

7 Mistakes You Might Be Making While Going Down On Him!
The one thing that’s pretty much universally true about going down on a guy is this: he probably loves it. And we hope that if you’re performing oral sex on someone, you enjoy it as well. Which is why we bring you a few tips on making the experience more awesome for both you and him - a few oral sex mistakes to avoid!

1. Not using your hands

Yes, people do go on and on about deep-throating and what an amazing thing it is to take him fully into your mouth. But it's not a rule. Use your hands on his shaft if you're feeling overwhelmed - or otherwise too, since you have more control and can vary the pressure. He'll barely even notice - let alone complain - and you don't have to kill yourself trying too hard.

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2. Not taking a break when you need it

His pleasure is important, sure. But so is your comfort. Blow jobs are taxing - your jaw aches, your neck gets stiff, and sometimes it's just something you don't feel like continuing endlessly. Take a break whenever you need it. And it's completely okay too stop too, if you're feeling tired or blah about the whole thing.

3. Not making it a “wet” blow job

Um, how to say this without sounding gross… The thing is, there's nothing delicate or elegant about going down on a guy. It's messy - and the wetter the better. Not only does the additional lubrication from more saliva feel good for him but it also makes things easier for you - because, if nothing else, you’ll definitely be able to wrap things up sooner. :P

4. Not touching other parts of him

It’s not just his penis that’s an erogenous zones. A guy’s butt, his testicles, his thighs - all of these are sensitive parts worthy of attention. Even holding his hand increases the sense of intimacy between the two of you, and heightens the pleasure. Feel free to let your hands roam a bit. And no harm encouraging him to explore with his hands too - it’s usually nice to be touched.

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5. Not demanding certain courtesies

Sure, this is mostly about him. But the person doing most of the work here is you. And you may have certain requirements that ought to be respected. Hygiene is the most important - if he’s not freshly showered, feel free to ask him to wash beforehand. And if you’d rather he not try to take control of the pace and leave that to you, tell him that too. It’s no fun if only one of you is having fun.  

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6. Not making eye contact

Look at it this way: he has an awesome view - he can see your face, your boobs, everything. Whereas your immediate scenery, given where your face is, isn’t really the most aesthetically appealing thing. So looking up and around is okay. Look at him, make eye contact - not only will it intensify both your feelings about what is a really intimate act, but also give you a chance to properly see the pleasure he’s feeling reflected on his face.

7. Not enjoying it

This may be the most important of it all. Because, after all, what good is an act of sex that doesn’t make both of you happy? Take your enjoyment as seriously as his. Feel good about what you’re doing. Even if the act itself is more of a task and less of an exciting event for you, as long as you’re more or less comfortable, think about the power you have right now - that of giving another person immeasurable pleasure. You’re doing to him what most guys dream about being done to them all the time - that is a feeling to enjoy. :-)

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