#HeSays: 7 Sex Dreams Guys Have About Their Girlfriends!

#HeSays: 7 Sex Dreams Guys Have About Their Girlfriends!
Ladies, while we don’t really know what the “secret” meanings of all our dreams are, there are a few we have whose meanings are fairly obvious to us. Especially since they star you in the leading role. Here are a few sex dreams us guys have about our girlfriends… (And since dreams can come true sometimes, you’re more than welcome to help us out with that if you feel like it!)

1. The one in which we suddenly live in a world where clothes aren’t needed ever again

And you’re gloriously unclothed all the time...that’s just beautiful. We’d never be able to keep our hands off you, you know. :-)

2. The one in which we wake up to...your mouth!

A guy can dream of an early-morning blow job, right? That’s why us guys do dream. :P

sex dreams guys have 2

3. The one in which we’re strangers who meet and instantly drag each other off to bed

The girl we’re really into wants to have sex with us at first sight? That’s an origin-story we’re totally on board with! :D

4. The one in which you take control and do bad, bad things to us

A 50-Shades role reversal thing is not completely out of bounds, you know. ;-)

sex dreams guys have 4

5. The one in which you’re making out with our fav celeb crush - and then abandon her for us!

Why wouldn’t we dream about some sizzling things happening between our on-screen crush and you, our real-life bona-fide crush? And then, of course, the satisfaction of knowing that you picked us over her! (Yeah, we know we can think very strange things sometimes.)

6. The one in which there are two of you

Yes, we want you 100%. But if we could have you 200% - just the thought of it sends us into some really weird brain-space-land. Sorry! :P

sex dreams guys have 6

7. The one in which we wake up next to you

Because, really, that’s the best thing - actually waking up to the warmth and gorgeousness that is you. It turns us on, makes us feel all melty inside and...well, everything that’s fuzzy and brilliant. <3

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